Profile Design Tri Stryke Review

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A mini-review of Profile Design's Tri Stryke saddle.

Profile Design Tri Stryke


$60-$90 depending upon deals available.

Color (tested): Black    Weight: 310 grams     Rails: Chromoly

Where Tested: Trainer/Open Roads/Tri’s (Sprints to IM)

After replacing my 1990’s era Quintana Roo with a newer model I decided a new saddle was in order. During my bike fitting the Tri Stryke was recommended to me and it has been a great saddle.

Designed specifically for triathlon the saddle comes with a cutaway for venting and moisture transfer. This has a gel nose for extra comfort with Lycra comfort for reduced friction. Nose and tail are designed to handle transition racks.

Profile Design Tri Stryke


Saddles are a personal choice and what works for one rider may not work for another. I have been riding this style of seat for a couple of years and what I have found is that it is a comfortable saddle that works well in and out of aero. I actually find the seat better for being in aero than out of aero. I don’t ride in aero as much as I should when I am on the trainer and I find I have to be careful of numbness on trainer rides greater than an hour. I don’t encounter this issue when I am on the road where I am typically on the aero bars. As with any new saddle getting a professional fitting can make all the difference in the world. Lastly, great deals can be found on this seat. While I listed the typical price above I recently was able to get a brand new (in the box shown above) for $36 including shipping.


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date: December 17, 2013