Motivation: 9 Tips to Get Going in the Winter or Whenever

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Feeling blah? Tempted to miss a workout? Here are some practices as well as on-the-spot tricks to get you into your workouts when you're just not feeling it.

Ah, it's difficult for all of us - especially in the long winter months! Here are tips and tricks for getting going when it's the last thing you want to do.

1. Focus on your goals and dreams

Put them in writing and post them up somewhere so if you need some inspiration, you can look at them and remember the big picture of what you're aiming for. A corollary here is to log your workouts - go look at all those milestones, those pretty colors (or that you need to reach for the bar) for a boost.

2. Focus on instant gratification

You're going to feel so much better once you get going, and especially after, when the endorphins, sense of accomplishment, and post-workout glow really hit. Most of your workouts will actually be energizing. Think of what you're getting: health, wellness, a fantastically fit body!

3. Join a support group

Whether it's your local tri or training club, group workouts, getting a training partner, signing up for a challenge group here on BT (or mentor group if you're new and one is open), the support is wonderful and as you see others building towards their goals, it's very inspiring to do the same. Knowing that others are depending on you or expecting something of you can really give you that little push you need to get out the door, on the trainer, or in the water.

4. Use a training plan

There are many free ones to choose from here, and if you find a paid-membership plan that you might prefer, it is definitely more than worth the money to become a paid member. You won't find better plans or support for cheaper anywhere, and the plans are customizable. It's a lot easier to show up for a workout when it's already all spelled out for you and you know exactly what it's going to be.

5. Don't use the training plan

Don't let the fact that you won't be able to fit in the whole workout or do it exactly as planned stop you. It's a lot easier to get out there and do it if you know it's fine to do something rather than nothing and one or a couple altered days is perfectly okay. 

6. Mental training helps.

The practice of meditation or focused/guided visualization can be very helpful for keeping your motivation levels up. On the spot, if you're balking before a specific session, even a couple of minutes of meditation, focus, or thinking about the benefits can do marvels for motivating you to actually get up, go, and grab those gifts.

7. Read inspirational literature.

It's wonderful to read about heroes and/or people like yourself who attempted similar things and succeeded. It's also great to read training tips you can put into practice right away.

8. Raise money for a cause

If you're training for a race and raising money, it's some good motivation either by knowing you are helping so many more people than just yourself - or conversely, avoiding guilt.

9. Put your gear on

When all else fails, I put on my running shoes and go outside. I tell myself, I do not have to run. All I'm going to do is put on my shoes and go outside. If I still want to just go back inside, I will. But at that point, if I've put the equipment on (or packed my swim bag, or taken the bike out and put a helmet on), I've usually cleared the hardest hurdle, which is just to get going.


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date: November 14, 2012


I am interested in almost everything, except Danielle Steel novels and golf.


I am interested in almost everything, except Danielle Steel novels and golf.

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