One Legged Squats

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One Legged Squats exercise instruction with picture and video.

One Legged Squats
Muscle: Quads 
Other: Hamstrings, Calves
Type: Compound

Try to create a15-30 degree squat movement (this is much less than the typical parallel squat) rather than focusing on the calf – if you stand in the Pose position (ball of foot on the ground) you’ll get the proper emphasis on the calve without turning the exercise into a calf raise – you are trying to duplicate the range of motion actually used in running.  This could be done at first holding dumb bells but ultimately you need a machine of some kind to apply resistance or you have to do conventional barbell squats.  Some athletes have used the nautilus calf raise machine which allows you to do a narrow range of motion squat pulling the weight stack through a belt around your waist.

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