SwimSpray Review - Eliminate Chlorine Odor and Irritation

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I was a bit skeptical since regular body wash and shampoos don't really seem to do the trick. But it really works!

Manufacturer:  SwimSpray, LLC

Website:  http://www.swimspray.com/

Product:  SwimSpray – “Now swimmers can enjoy the pool without worrying about the side-effects of pool chemicals.  SwimSpray completely eliminates chlorine from hair and skin with a new vitamin C technology.  In contrast to traditional "swimmers shampoos," SwimSpray actually works.  Chlorine removal shampoos leave lingering chlorine behind.  But SwimSpray completely eliminates the chlorine.  The difference is noticeable after one use because the swimmer's chlorine odor disappears."  (quote taken from SwimSpray)

Months Used:  I used this for six weeks of training which translates into about three swim sessions per week.

Ingredients:  Water, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C

Available Sizes:  4 ounce spray bottles

Initial Impressions:  I’ve been swimming regularly ever since I took up the sport of triathlon about three seasons ago.   Leaving the gym after a good swim session feels terrific but would even feel better if I didn’t have that chlorine smell in my nose and the lingering tightness of skin.  I looked forward to giving this product a try.  I was a bit skeptical since regular body wash and shampoos don’t really seem to do the trick.  I was even more skeptical when I sprayed the product and then opened the bottle prior to a swim session --- it’s seemingly just a clear and completely odorless liquid. 

Ease of Use:  The name says it all.  You just spray it on after a quick rinse in the shower and then lather up with all your normal soaps and shampoos.  The SwimSpray website provides a video on how to apply the product at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjoU_u-jAXU.

Quality of the instructions:  The instructions are very simple and straightforward. 

  • Rinse off the pool water.
  • Spray SwimSpray on your hair and skin.
  • Use your favorite shower products (shampoo, body wash, conditioner, etc.).

Their website even has a simple graphic.


Value:  A four ounce bottle runs about $13.  The website says that this will last about 30-40 swims depending on how much you use each time.  That translates to about 30-40 cents per workout.  Given how good I felt after each swim, I would say this is a good value.  I am not sure how this compares to similar products on the market.

Think about how much we pay for single serving of specialized coffee these days to put this in perspective. 

Overall Performance:  I definitely noticed the difference the first time I used SwimSpray.  I feel fresh and clean after every use and there are no residual odors or skin issues. 

Strengths:  It really works!  It’s relatively easy to use.  You can use your regular shampoo and bodywash instead of swimmer-targeted products.

Weaknesses:  You have to rinse off before you use SwimSpray for maximum effectiveness.  I found myself going right into my old post-swim routine sometimes before remembering to use the spray.  I gave a friend a sample bottle and she had this same comment.

Closing Summary:  Before trying SwimSpray I had never really thought about trying this type of product although I frequently thought about the lingering effects of chlorine on my skin and hair.  I will certainly always have this type of product in my swim bag from now on and for the foreseeable future it will be SwimSpray.  Give this product a try if you want to feel refreshed and ‘sparkly’ after a hard training session in the pool.


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date: March 10, 2013