Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggles and Optics Review

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After three triathlon seasons, I finally decided that I wanted to actually see well during the swim portion. My vision is not so great. I had to find better goggles.

Manufacturer:  Aqua Sphere 

Product:  Eagle Goggles and Eagle Optics Lenses

Hours Tested:  21 hours and 1 race 

Quick tech specs:

The Goggles:

  • Goggles are Optics Ready - Optional Eagle Optics diopter lens system available
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone skirt and strap for long lasting comfort
  • Durable Polycarbonate lens
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Anti-fog and Scratch-resistant lens coating
  • One-piece construction

The Lenses:

  • Designed to fit the Eagle swim goggle
  • Available individually in half-step increments from -1.5 to -6.0
  • Simple "pop-and-swap" lens replacement process
  • Durable polycarbonate lens
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant

Initial Impressions

After three triathlon seasons, I finally decided that I wanted to actually see well during the swim portion.  My vision is not so great - especially my distance vision with R correction at -1.25 and L at -2.00.  I was always trying to figure out which colored blob in the distance was the turn buoy or just another buoy before the turn.  This especially bothered me during my Eagleman HIM where the 1st leg was quite long and I just couldn’t see how far away the turn was for the longest time.

Somehow I stumbled upon these custom goggles and found that I could actually order lenses very close to what I wear as regular glasses.

I think that this purchase is the single best one I have made besides getting my bike.  I just wish I had discovered these earlier.  The goggles run about $25 and lenses about $10 each.  This is the best $45 I have spent for this sport.  Period.  End of story.  (I find it remarkable that I can get custom goggles for way less than a nice pair of glasses!)

I won’t really need to replace the lenses unless my eyesight gets worse or somehow I scratch the lenses.  So I will only need to replace the goggle housing periodically.  I also like that the goggles come with a nice case for protection.

Ease of Installation/Setup

I was a bit apprehensive about changing out the lenses at first.  I didn’t want to mess up the goggle housing or scratch my new lenses.  However, Aqua Sphere has a nice tutorial video (here is the link) that shows you exactly how change lenses.  I watched this twice and then set out to change my lenses.  No problem.

Quality of the setup/installation instructions

The tutorial was terrific.  I had no problems following the instructions.  As you can see below, the lens fits into the goggle eyepiece and then is held in place with a band (blue piece).


They are goggles and they look like goggles.  I have never actually looked at myself in the mirror with them on so I don’t know how dorky or cool I look.  I probably look very cool.

Ease of Use

The goggles are easy to adjust.  I have absolutely no complaints.

Quality of construction

I was pretty please with how easy it was to change out the lenses.  I never felt like anything would break, pop, or tear.  I rinse the goggles off after every swim and they seem to be holding up pretty well.


I had used the Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles prior to the Eagles and I was pleased with the fit of the Kayenne’s so I expected no problems with the Eagles.  They fit terrific.  No leaks.  No raccoon eye marks.  They are very comfortable.  I have not had to make any adjustments since I first got them to fit just right.


These are very comfortable.  My only tiny issue is that after some time I notice the strap just above my ear.  But this might be because that is where I like to wear the strap.  I have been experimenting with wearing the strap a little higher on my head.


The goggle are very easy to adjust and lens changes will only take about five minutes.


I’ve had the goggles and lenses for six months.  They seem to holding up very well.  I anticipate having to get new goggles (w/o the lenses) in about six months given my pool time.


For me this is a very high value product.  I spent $45 and have near perfect vision while swimming.  It is simply the best $45 I have spent on triathlon gear.  I am more comfortable during the swim portion of the race, I can see all the buoys, I can see the kayak volunteers, I can see the clock during a training session, and I can see before a race!   This is an excellent product.

Overall Performance 

I love these goggles and these lenses.  They are terrific.  I have no complaints whatsoever.


Great fit.  Wide range of optics available.  Helps people see who normally cannot while swimming.


The only weakness I can think of is that the lenses are not tinted and on a very, very bright day this might be an issue.  If they come out with tinted lenses, I will purchase a pair. 


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