Triathlon Training Plan with Flexible Days

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Wouldn't it be cool if you could move your workouts around to different days? You can!

Here at Beginner Triathlete, we are real people. We have jobs with meetings that run long, family members who get sick and houses with appliances that break. Not every day is the perfect training day.

Sometimes training plans seems so inflexible that it's easy to get off track. On Monday, we do the correct workout. On Tuesday we also complete our workout. Everything is great! We're on track! And then Wednesday is a complete disaster and we miss a bike session. So now the bike session is stuck on Wednesday, and we'd like to move it to Thursday, but there it is, back there in the past. A failure. A missed session.

Or maybe you have an irregular schedule, such as four 10-hour days, or you have shared custody with your kids that affects your availability to train every other weekend.

That's why our Training Plans for Performance Members offer a Training Calendar that allows you to slide workouts onto different days. When you first see the "My Planned Calendar" button at the top of the My Training Plan page, it's easy to think it's just the same training plan, laid out in a calendar view for an alternate view. (By the way, if you don't see anything on My Training Plan, you'll need to import a Training Plan first. You can choose one here.)

But My Planned Calendar is not just an alternate view. It's actually a tool for customizing the workouts you have planned. You can grab any workout and slide it to any other day. Ingenius!

My Planned Calendar is just one of the benefits of being a Performance Member. You can also sync your planned training to your Google or Outlook calendar, view a comparison of progress between your actual and planned training, see detailed statistics, and more!

Make the most of your membership and training plan by reading "How to Use Your Training Plan" here.


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