Robust Strength and Core Training

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How to access details and videos for strength training in your BT training plan

Strength and core training isn't just a good idea to do when you have extra time, or during your off week. Having a strong core and strong muscles and joints is critical to avoiding injury, generating power and improving your triathlon performance safely.

Here at Beginner Triathlete, we've tried to make it as easy as possible to access a rich library of information and videos to help you incorporate core training.

If you are using one of the training plans here on Beginner Triathlete, you'll notice the strength components usually contain links. These links lead to articles and videos that detail exactly how to do the strength workouts safely, from fitness ball exercises to deadlifts with free weights.

Core Exercises for Triathletes

For core exercises, you'll often see a reference to Core #1, Core #2, etc. These numbered core workouts are a series of exercises using a fitness ball (a.k.a. swiss ball) and occasionally a medicine ball, too, but little other equipment. The links lead to details and instructions for a series of exercises that make up the core workout. Each exercise also has a video and still photos to illustrate the correct form. For each core workout, be sure you progress through the entire series of exercises, and note whether your training plan asks you to do it once or twice. (Core #1 x2 means to do all the exercises in Core #1 twice through.)

Weight Training for Triathletes

Although it's unusual for an endurance sports site to have such comprehensive reference information on strength workouts, we strive to provide a balanced approach and to help our members stay safe and injury-free in the gym. When adding weight to already difficult motions such as squats, form becomes critical. We encourage members to read carefully about the ideal position of arms, legs, joints and spine when performing strength exercises with weight.

For complete information on how to interpret various abbreviations in your strength and core workouts in your training plan, see our reference page on the topic.


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