Eight Best Beginner Triathlete Articles

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A Collection of Our Favorite Articles for Beginner Triathletes

There's so much information on this website, it's a challenge for even Google to catalog it. So this month we decided to bring you a "best of" collection of our favorite articles for triathletes, so you don't have to use the search box. That's how much we care about you!


A two-part series on how to train your body, and why our training plans work or don't work:

Training Concepts Part One: Stress and Adaptation

Training Concepts Part Two: Training Load


This is a series of three articles detailing what equipment is critical, nice to have, and purely if you have money to spend, in each of the three sports.

What swim gear is essential? Why? How do I choose? Do I need a wetsuit?
Beginner Swim Gear

A bike, and what else you need to go with it:

Beginner Bike Gear
What running gear do you absolutely need? (Shoes.) How do you choose? What might be fun to have?

Beginner Run Gear

This website's training plans, logs and how to use

BeginnerTriathlete.com is bigger than it looks! We have lots of great training plans, and an easy way to follow along, rearrange and keep track of your workouts. This article is always easy to access at the top left of the desktop site, in the button called "Using Your Membership." Here's how it works:
Training Plan and Training Log

The Compendium

Are you looking to read about everything in one article? Including how to pick a fight on the forums here at BT? Try this article, which is an exhaustive list of just about everything, with links to other articles for additional detail:

A Beginner's Guide to Triathlon

Here's a great article for getting started with just about everything having to do with triathlon, including links to videos and more:
Getting Started on Triathlon Training

As always, if you need anything around here, just ask!


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