A Thanks to Our Mentors

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Volunteer Mentors Inspire Triathletes

Here's a shout-out to our Beginner Triathlete Mentors, who take time from their lives and training schedules to coach, mentor and inspire triathletes on this website.

If you aren't familiar with our Mentor Groups, you can find them in their own special forum here on BeginnerTriathlete. Each volunteer mentor sponsors a forum thread, where triathletes join them and check in regularly, becoming friends and finding a safe group where they can ask questions and build camaraderie. 

Each year we have a new crop of volunteers, some veterans and some new, who agree to take a cohort of triathletes under their wings and help them through the critical spring training time to get them ready for a race, or just help them get started on a healthy lifestyle.

Checking the Mentor Forum recently, I saw some threads of comments and questions numbering 30 and 40 pages long, a testament to the vitality of Mentor Groups and the dedication of the mentors.

Suggestions for improving, expanding or changing the Mentor Program are welcome. We feel it's an important part of community building here at the site, and we want to keep it vibrant and effective. Post suggestions as comments to the article, or in the Support Forum.


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date: February 28, 2017

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