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Fitness Syncer now active for BT users! Pages: 1 ... 2 3 4 5

Started by alicefoeller
Views: 1277 Posts: 115

Trouble logging onto app

Started by Nichole meade
Views: 45 Posts: 1

How to move full training plan?

Started by tomasca
Views: 18 Posts: 1

Garmin sync not working

Started by Khyron
Views: 69 Posts: 3

Manual Uploads Getting the Oops Error

Started by jmhpsu93
Views: 55 Posts: 5

Synching issues

Started by jmhpsu93
Views: 371 Posts: 18
RE: Synching issues
2019-12-28 7:51 AM jmkizer

I'm new, how does it work?

Started by Lighttower
Views: 110 Posts: 2

Trouble logging into App

Started by shallowsaltwater
Views: 122 Posts: 6

Saving Comments in Strength Templates

Started by jmhpsu93
Views: 354 Posts: 7

Relay events

Started by jmkizer
Views: 270 Posts: 6
RE: Relay events
2019-10-31 7:55 AM jmkizer

Uploading "sport" and "strength" activity types

Started by jmkizer
Views: 369 Posts: 4

ZWIFT to Garmin to BT

Started by mambos
Views: 479 Posts: 8

Editing posts

Started by JoelO
Views: 240 Posts: 3
RE: Editing posts
2019-02-12 9:50 AM JoelO

Export Log Data to CSV Doesn't Include Sick Data

Started by bgracer
Views: 268 Posts: 4


Started by Hot Runner
Views: 343 Posts: 2
RE: Spamming!
2018-12-18 2:13 PM alicefoeller

Inspires Issue

Started by jmkizer
Views: 590 Posts: 4
RE: Inspires Issue
2018-09-04 2:04 PM alicefoeller

Calorie count from daily activities

Started by Cathy0901
Views: 292 Posts: 3

Multisport activities don't import correctly

Started by jmkizer
Views: 1150 Posts: 18

Cannot save routes

Started by dmm312
Views: 329 Posts: 3
RE: Cannot save routes
2018-06-06 4:07 PM Matt

how do I change time zones on the portal?

Started by toby wan kenobe
Views: 210 Posts: 1

Elevation not showing on graph

Started by Glen1951
Views: 213 Posts: 1

Bold not showing in Chrome

Started by jmkizer
Views: 690 Posts: 16

See old Coaching messages

Started by ulf.lundh
Views: 318 Posts: 4

Not uploading workouts from GC

Started by parrj
Views: 625 Posts: 20

Won't save edited routes

Started by dmm312
Views: 253 Posts: 1
Won't save edited routes
2018-05-19 6:33 PM dmm312
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