4 Essential Ingredients to Triathlon Swimming

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Become a better triathlon swimmer with tips from Tower 26 Podcast

This half hour podcast by Tower 26 is available through a partnership between BeginnerTriathlete.com and Tower 26.

Jim Lubinski interviews coach Gerry Rodrigues about the most important things to do to improve swim performance in a triathlon for typical triathletes who have real jobs and lives besides triathlon.

Swim Volume for Triathletes

Many amatuer triathletes swim twice a week for an hour. Increasing to three swims per week will automatically increase their swim volume by 50%. Coach Rodrigues also has his athletes swim for 90 minutes per session to further improve volume.

With swimming, there's less concerning about increasing volume quickly, compared to running, which requires a much slower volume increases.

Swim Mechanics

Most athletes can benefit from improvements in their swimming mechanics. Tautness of the body, alignment and propulsion are the three main elements of mechanics.

Coaching and Being Present

Accountability means many things. You want a good return on the investment you make in swimming. If you want that, you need to be engaged in each session. Whether that means having a coach on deck or being very present, rather than zoning out, Coach Rodrigues says you need to be accountable for each training session. Not just checking off the yardage, but getting the most out of it.

Listen to the podcast now.


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