Are You Ready to Mentor Others in 2020?

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Sign up to be a Beginner Triathlete Mentor for the coming year.

Currently recruiting triathlon mentors

If you've been around BeginnerTriathlete enough to know what the mentor program is, you might make a good mentor! 

Each year, veteran triathletes from the ranks of our members sign up to mentor, encourage, nudge and inspire a small group of beginners by creating their own group thread discussion, answering questions, checking in with their thread, and checking on their members' training logs. 

If you are interested and can commit to checking on your "mentees" from January until April, please follow the instructions here to start a group! 

We are accepting new Mentors from now until January. Go ahead and create a thread in the staging area (click instructions to see how), and we will be in touch about your group and when it will be open for signups from beginners. 


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date: November 30, 2019

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