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Free triathlon training mentoring for new triathletes. Learn from a veteran. Gain support from your peers. Keep going!

Are you new? Are you starting to train for your first race in 2020? Join a mentor group to get all of your questions answered.

The New Year is here!  You have probably found your way to this site to get on a training program for your first triathlon or just to find an exercise program.  Whatever your reason, many of you have found your way here to beginnertriathlete.com looking for information and advice. We've got plenty of that, but due to the special nature of this community we have a few other things we can give you that you may not be expecting:

  • Inspiration

  • Hope

  • Our own experiences in losing the weight, in learning to swim, in dealing with doubtful people around us.

  • Our strategies for dealing with and overcoming the doubts, fears and setbacks that inevitably accompany an attempt to achieve fitness and well being.

Training for a triathlon is a big goal, not only is there one sport - but three!  You have lots of questions and few answers.  Do I have to train each sport in a row?  What is a brick?  Can I use my mountain bike?  Do I need a wetsuit?   This is why we have created the 'Beginner Triathlete.com Mentor Program.'  We want to answer your questions.

This program was created to match beginner triathletes up with mentors having similar backgrounds to conquer their goals this 2020.  All of our mentors have a variety of experience in triathlon racing, training and even weight loss.  

By putting beginner triathletes in a small group led by a mentor, you'll gain focus and motivation while also giving you some accountability and the ability to pick the brains of your mentor.

Who are the mentors?

We have many BT members in various shapes, sizes, lifestyles and years of triathlon experience willing to mentor 10-15 new people each into this great sport.

What is the role of the mentor?

The mentors will give you advice on the questions that you ask.  They will check-in at least weekly, usually daily in your group's thread to offer tips and motivation.  They will also visit your training logs regularly to check-up on your progress and leave comments - essentially to keep you motivated.

*Note, these mentors are most likely not coaches, so treat any advice as just that...advice.  Please keep our terms of use in mind.  Our mentors have been through the ropes already and have done several races, for which they have some invaluable experience to share, but they are volunteers. (If you are looking for a qualified online coach, check out our virtual coaching program for the value price of $35/month.)

How long will this last?

This mentoring program will last three to four months from January to April  That should be long enough to get beginners triathletes or beginner exercisers into a training program consistently to get that first race in!

Who can join?

Any beginner triathlete or exerciser can join.  You can even join if you are a current triathlete and still want to learn or need some group motivation.

The prerequisite is that you register for a free account, and you log your workouts on BT's training log (that big 'Training Log' link at the top). 
Why?  That way our mentors and your other group members can look at your workouts, leave comments and even answer questions.  It's a great reference source too especially if you ask a training-related question.  It's the ultimate in personal accountability as your group will be watching you.

How does this work?

Make sure you have first registered at Beginnertriathlete.com.  Then login and follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose a mentor.
    Our mentors have filled out a short profile of who they are, their interests, triathlon experience and how they train.

    BROWSE through the profiles of our available mentors in our 'Beginner Triathlete Mentor Program' forum.  A 'Full' designation in the subject line means that the mentor already has 5-10 people in their group.  'Open' means that this mentor is accepting people.

  2. Adding yourself to a group
    Once you have found a mentor that you like that also has an 'Open' designation in the subject line, just 'reply'  to his/her thread with an intent to join.  Post a short bio of yourself along with your goals.

  3. Ask questions!

    Throughout this mentor program, ask questions to your mentor's group by 'replying' to his/her thread in the Beginner Triathlete Mentor Program' forum. Everything is in one place and other group members can talk too.

  4. Add your group to your training log

    Add your mentor and other group members to your training log for easy access to view their workouts and to leave comments.  You can configure your training log settings and add these people by username to your 'friends' list via your training log control panel.
    *You will want to set your log to 'public' for this program so your group can see you.

  5. Log your training

    To log your training, just hit that big 'Training Log' button at the top.  Read more about the training log features.
    Read more about using the training log, see 'Setting Up Your Log' and 'General Logging'.  More log articles in the 'Training Log Category'
    The 'Inspire Me' link is pretty cool and will allow you to leave comments and motivation in other members training log.

Good luck!  Don't be the resolutionist that didn't make it.  Accomplish your goals!



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Owner at Beginner Triathlete, web marketing consultant at SiteInSight, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for unstructured nature play for kids.


Owner at Beginner Triathlete, web marketing consultant at SiteInSight, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for unstructured nature play for kids.

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