Creating Your Own Training Plan

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A step-by-step guide to creating your own training plans from other sources to import into your training log anytime.

Items covered:

  1. Where to go
  2. Creating a plan
    1. Icons - accessing your plan database
    2. Inputing data
    3. Reviewing the plan
    4. Editing parts of the plan
    5. Quick scrolling
  3. Importing your newly created plan into your 'planned training'.  Go to THIS tutorial.

Who can access: 



Bronze, Silver and Gold Members have access to create their personal, reusable plans.  These are plans you have gotten from other sources be it books, magazines or coaches.


REMEMBER - These are YOUR plans.  They have nothing to do with this site.  Nobody else will have access to them.  We just offer a convenient way to upload your personal plans into your plan database for re-use/import anytime into your planned training log.  We also created this easy uploader to eliminate the keystrokes and tedium if you were to do this within your 'Planned Training' calendar or blog time-after-time. 

You will only need to do the initial data inputing once.  Once in your database, you will then import it into your planned training whenever you want to use it with only few key-strokes.


Where to go:




How to create a plan:


1. Click on the My Training Plans tab.


This will bring you to the following screen that allows you to create a plan:



Put in your title to the plan.  Link and description is not necessary.  Click 'Add'.  You may edit the title later by clicking on 'Edit'.


2. Inputing your data:

Click on 'Edit days' - this will take you to the following easy editor screen:



Click on 'Edit' for Day 1, this will bring up the following screen for that day to input your data:



There is a lot more to the above pic, like logging for the bike, swim, strength and sports and overall comments.  They were eliminated in the picture to keep it small.


To record the data, simply hit 'Update and Move Next' to go to the next day.


THAT'S IT!  Pretty easy huh?


3. Seeing your entire plan:

Click on '<< Back'




NOTE - only the 'Overall Comments' and Swim, Bike and Run time/distance data is displayed for conciseness.  That other data is still there though.


4. Editing parts of the plan once done:

Well, you made your plan but missed a day in the middle of the week or added too many off-days.  What to do?  Simply click on 'Delete' to delete a day or 'Insert new entry above/below'.


5. Quickly scrolling through the details:

Just want to check your plan and go directly from day to day veiwing?  Just click on 'Previous day' or 'Next Day'



Easy as pie.


You're done.  You only have to input this data ONCE at this creation stage.  Now you can import this data in bulk into your planned training anytime with a few keystrokes.


The instructions on importing this plan (or any others) into your 'Planned Training' area is HERE.


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