Importing Training Plans Into Your Log

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5 Steps to transfer a triathlon training plan into your 'Planned' Training Log and how to perform any plan customization.

What does 'importing' a training plan mean?

  • Your plan will have real calendar days and dates
  • You can further customize your plan by moving workouts around
  • You can mix-and-match plans
  • Have your workouts emailed to you
  • Access your plan on our mobile site or apps
  • Be able to analyze your training with our 'Progress' reports and view graphs


Who can use this


Bronze Members and above have access to create their personal, reusable plans while also having log access to the site's free plans.


Silver Members and above have import access to all of the free site plans and the detailed silver plans - the plans with the silver medal.

  Gold Members have import access to the the gold plans, silver plans and to create your own plan. 

Where to go

BT Plan Users:

Click on the 'Training Plans' link at the top of the site for a list of triathlon training plans.

User Created Personal Plans:

Go to your Settings > Training Log Settings > My Training Plans

Deciding on a plan

An important way to decide on a plan is to view the sidebar information on the plans.

Volume graphs will show how many minutes per week the plan is.  You don't want to start a plan that has a bug jump in volume from your current training.

The average time graph will show the average workout time every week.

'VIEW COMPLETE PLAN' button will show further plan details such as the calendar view, detailed workouts and larger graphs to help decide on a plan.  You will also get the plan article that tells you everything about the plan.

The 'Calendar' view will be particularly helpful in seeing only total time/distances for the entire plan and how the plan is laid-out with rest days and double-workout days.  This is a very important view if you will be making modifications or importing the plan to suit your schedule.

This area will also allow you to use this plan without sending to your training log.  You will be able to view and print workouts by day or week.










How to import a plan

1. See the list of plans in 'training plans' 

Click on the 'MAKE THIS MY PLAN' button where you will be taken to our plan import page to customize it.




2. Select the STARTING or ENDING date. 

* NOTE...You are given the length in days of the plan.  These plans have default race days on Sunday and are the LAST day on the plan.  But in reality, the last day of the plan is any day you choose it to be.

  1. You can import your plan to start on a date if you're not concerned about where it ends. 
  2. OR you can use the 'Import concludes' meaning that the last day of the plan will coincide to the date...perfect for importing to a specific final race day.
  3. For ultimate flexibility, you can also choose to only import a certain date range.
  4. For customization or 'blending' with other plans, you can choose to import only certain sports.

3. Click on the 'Import into planned training' button.  You will be warned that any data you already have in this date range will be overwritten.



4. Confirmation



"WHOOPS! I made a mistake!"

You can use the 'copy/move/delete function' from the 'Training Calendar' to undo or modify this imported plan anytime.


------> Read more on How to View/Print your plans.


Customizing your training plan and workouts 

This article will show you how you can easily customize your training plan to suit your schedule once you have imported it.


For example, you want to use the swim part of an Olympic Plan along with the bike and run parts of a Sprint Plan.  Simply import the sport you want for each plan. 
MAKE SURE you select 'Import Plan Comment and Notes' to get the workout details and definitions.


If you make a mistake, you can always delete all your planned data, and then re-import the plan and do the modifications. Also, some of the days at the end that include bricks may need to be tweaked if they get moved too as you would like to keep brick sessions together for race prep training.


Printing the training plan if you DON'T use the training log


This is for those that would just rather 'Print' off a weeks of workouts at a time and not have to 'import' or use the training log.

  1. Navigate to the 'Training Plan' screen.
  2. Select your plan.
  3. Go to the 'Plan Workouts' OR 'Calendar' button.  Depending on the view, you will have 'Print Day' or 'Print Week' or printing the entire calendar.  
  4. Each week will have a 'Expand' link to see more details.
  5. Each day will have a 'Print' button to print that day.

You may also print off the 'Calendar' of workouts too, although since you are not following them through the training log, it will not correspond to any particular month.


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