Accessing and Printing Training Plans

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You have just imported a plan successfully, how to best view and print it? Let me count thy ways.

For bronze, silver and gold members who are using BT's plans to import and use into their planned training log for various reports and customizing.

After you have 'Imported Your Plan,' this tutorial will show you all the ways to view the plan and start training. 

  1. Viewing/printing plan details by blog.
  2. Viewing/printing training plan minutes by monthly calendar
  3. Printing the plan if you DON'T use the training log.
  4. Receive workouts by email and Ical
  5. View workouts/plans on your mobile device

*After you import a plan, it goes into your 'planned training log' and you access it here:


The blog view gives you the daily DETAILS of the plan for printing.  Use the minicalendar by clicking on the day that you want to start printing.


The calendar view gives you the monthly run-down of training minutes and weekly/monthly totals.  Clicking on any workout will show that workout in a popup.




You can create and print any training graph of your training plan.  This will show you how volume progresses throughout your season.



Printing the training plan if you DON'T use the training log

This is for those that would just rather 'Print' off a weeks worth of workouts at a time and not have to 'import' or use the training log.

  1. Navigate to the 'Training Plan' screen.
  2. Select your plan.
  3. Click on 'expand' on the week that you want to view.  
  4. Print the 'week' or 'day' of the plan or workout that you want.

You may also print off the 'Calendar' of workouts too, although since you are not following them through the training log, it will not correspond to any particular month.

Ical and Email 

Ical: for receiving workouts on your favorite calendar application, go to 'Settings --> Training log settings --> Calendar Sync' to get the .ics address to paste into your calendar.  Note, we only fetch +/- two weeks ahead of the current date.

Email: to receive workouts by email, go to 'Settings --> Training log settings --> Log defaults' and scroll to the bottom to enable this method.

Viewing your plan on mobile

Mobile:  go to on your phone.  It will default to the mobile version.  Log in and select 'My Training Plan' to view your workouts.


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