VIDEO INTERVIEW with Michael Folan of Infinit Nutrition

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So what is behind the Infinit line of custom nutrition products? We took a trip to the Infinit world headquarters and conducted an in-depth review of the Infinit Nutrition product.

By Ron 

Infinit Nutrition has gotten a following of users on the BT forums, so I decided to take a trip to the manufacturing facility to interview the owner, Michael Folan, to see what all the buzz is about.

Just as a brief background, Infinit Nutrition allows a person to customize their carbohydrate, salt, protein, amino acids, caffeine and flavor levels for their own nutrition blend to use for training and racing.  This blend comes as a powder.

The following are the interview questions and topics that we will cover in the video:

1 - Michael Folan's background into the sport and what led him to the idea of customized endurance nutrition.

2 - Why would somebody want to customize their nutrition? 

3 - Does the Infinit custom blends eliminate the need for solid foods?

4 - Does it take a long time to dial-in a persons custom nutrition?

5 - What is the importance of protein and amino acid's in a nutrition blend?

6 - Explanation of the balance between calories, osmolality and sodium.

7 - For a new person customizing their nutrition, where do you start?

8 - How do you use this product (a powder) on the course?

9 - What type of racers user your products?

10 - How do you ensure that what goes into your product is not contaminated?  How do you feel on the upcoming cGMP guidelines?

11 - How do coaches fit into your product line?

*As noted in the video, Infinit is currently an advertiser, this is not a product endorsement as I have not tried the product myself.  The interview questions were not known beforehand. 

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