Tricep Pushdown-Cable

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Tricep Pushdown-Cable strength exercise instruction with picture and video.

Tricep Pushdown-Cable
Main Muscle: Triceps
Other Muscles: None
Mechanics: Isolation

Using a high-cable pulley, use an overhand grip to grab a straight bar attachment at each end of the bar. To find your starting position, bend your elbows so your forearm and bicep make a slightly smaller angle than 90-degrees. Forearms should be parallel to the floor and feet should be shoulder width apart with the knees slightly bent. You can also stand with one foot in front of the other. Elbows should remain close to the body and your wrists should be straight. Without moving the body, exhale as you push the bar down as far as possible towards your thighs. Stop when the elbows are almost in a locked position. Do not lock the elbows. Pause when your arms are almost straight and inhale as you slowly return the bar to the starting position, following the same position. Do not rock the body and use only your triceps to lower the bar.


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