Sit-Up-Decline Bench

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Sit-Up-Decline Bench Leg Extension-Machine strength exercise instruction with picture and video.

Sit-Up-Decline Bench
Main Muscle: Abdominals
Other Muscles: None
Mechanics: Isolation

Sit on a decline bench and hook your feet under the pad at the top. Place your hands across your chest, or behind your head.  Lower your body to the starting position. Do not lie completely on the pad before crunching up to the mid position. As you feel your abs fully contract, pause and inhale as you crunch to the mid position.  Proceed now to the finish position.  As you exhale, lower your back to the pad and keep your back straight. For added resistance, place a weight on your chest.


Start/Finish:                                       Mid-Rep:



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date: June 21, 2006