Step-Up - Flat Bench

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Step-Up With a Flat Bench strength exercise instruction with picture and video.

Step-Up - With a Flat Bench
Main Muscle: Quadricep
Other Muscles: Calves, Hamstring
Mechanics: Compound

Stand directly behind a flat bench. With one foot on the bench, to assume starting position, be sure to keep feet shoulder width apart. As you exhale, step up on the bench and be sure to use your quad muscle to bring your body upward. Be sure that your knee does not extend over your foot as you step on the bench. Once your body is above the bench, lower your body as your inhale and repeat the pattern with the other leg. This exercise can be done by alternating the legs on the bench or doing a set one leg at a time. For added resistance, hold a weight in each hand when performing this exercise.

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date: June 21, 2006

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