Standing Lunges

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Standing Lunges strength exercise instruction with picture and video.

Standing Lunges
Main Muscle: Quadricep
Other Muscles: Glutes, Calves, Hamstring
Mechanics: Compound

With feet shoulder width apart, eyes looking forward and back straight, inhale as you extend one leg forward in a long stride. As you bend your front knee, your thigh and lower leg will form a right angle. Do not let the front knee extend over your ankle and foot and be sure to keep your back and neck straight. Before you exhale, pause briefly and press the front leg off the ground to return to the starting position. You can complete a full set with one leg or perform the exercise by alternating right and left. You can also add a weight in each hand for an added resistance. When doing walking lunges-a variant, be sure to keep your back straight and do not let your knee extend over the foot.


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