Dips - Bench

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Dips - Bench strength exercise instruction with picture and video.

Dips - Bench
Main Muscle: Triceps
Other Muscles: Chest
Mechanics: Compound

Align two flat benches parallel to each other, approximately four feet apart. Sit on one bench, facing the other, and place hands directly by your sides. Palms should firmly rest on the bench. Using your hands as a support, lift your feet to the top of the other bench so that your body is suspended in the air. Cross one foot over the other or place feet beside one another. Start the exercise so that your legs form a straight line out in front of you. Your ankle and foot should be the only part of the leg resting on the bench. As you inhale, lower your body toward the floor by bending the elbows. You should feel the stress in triceps and not in the shoulders. As you exhale, slowly raise your body by straightening the arms. For added resistance, you can place a weight on your lap.

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