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photoThousands of spectators lined the shore and bridges overhead. When the announcer said, “Welcome to the best day of your life,” the possibility was still there for all of us.
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photoA bad race left me smoldering, but time and a gentle breeze ignited my passion to race again.
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photoBeing lean isn't all wine and roses. The reduction in body fat has, unfortunately, also made me a slower swimmer. I have also become a real wimp in cold of any kind.
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photoGood memories are crucial to your success in the water. Trying to swim laps before you are comfortable in the water is likely to reinforce your anxiety, so avoid the white-knuckle approach.
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photoSix months of running focus have paid off in unexpected ways. My training has focused on completing a half-iron distance which is still a few months away.
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photo I can't hold my stomach in during a race, and certainly not my rear end. Use race photos as motivation.
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photoRace in the right division and you will find that maybe you aren't such a slow runner after all.
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