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The Race I Didn't Finish
10/27/2018 | An amazing set of circumstances ... Only in triathlon!


10/30/2018 | The triathlon is known to be one of the most physically demanding sports it’s possible to take part in

10/30/2018 | How to get the most out of your treadmill training

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10/31/2018 | Is sugar just plain bad? Or does being very physically active mean it's OK?
First Tri: A bit too cocky
10/31/2018 | It fell apart, but I didn't give up
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10/31/2018 | How muscle mass, bone density and fat percentage can inform your training
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Gear Reviews

Compex Sport Elite 2.0 w/TENS
This unit was provided to me by Compex in exchange for an unbiased review.

When I was first approached to do this review, I was more than a little bit skeptical. Afte[...]
Atom Compression Compression Milk Fiber Classic Socks
The compression socks are very soft and easy to pull on, but still provide as much compression as the stiffer compression socks I've used before. These were provided by the company[...]

Race Reports

Mack Cycle Miami Man Half Iron Triathlon Zoo Edition
Great race. Loved the competition. Weather was a challenge. https://triregistration.com/IndividualResultsData-Org.php?triresultid=361236
Harrisburg Marathon
Well done event.
Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
Fantastic race, only negatives were difficulty getting water at times in aid stations and continue to run due to too few volunteers. Asphalt in Indiana can be horrible so had to ke[...]
  • First Tri: A bit too cocky

    One night in mid February, I mentioned to my son that he ought to do the Xterra Xticer race at Oak Mountain State Park in May of this year. This should be easy – 200m swim, 11k mountain bike, and 2k run. He said he would do it if I would, so we registered and the challenge was on. I printed out the bike course fr[...]

  • I finished. And it took something.

    I slowly approached the finish area of the Lewisburg, PA Sprint Triathlon. As I prepared to turn left at the approaching road and finish the last 100 yards in the direction of the large, red inflated finish tube, a volunteer stepped forward to tell me to continue straight ahead to the next street before turning left. "[...]

  • First Triathlon: Toppling

    Congratulations to BT User MikeyNC81, who shared his story of his first triathlon:Well, after many years of wanting to do a triathlon, I finally did one at Patagonia Lake, AZ. I participated in the sprint distance race. I had only been swimming for about 6 weeks but felt confident I could complete the 500m. T[...]

  • My First Multi-Sport Event

    Most people these days can say they’ve run at an organized 5k, 10k, or even half marathon event. Running is something that’s accessible to nearly everyone and you can just get out and run without much training. Having a go at a multi-sport event, however, is an entirely different ball game, which requires c[...]

  • Making a Comeback

    I haven't been on BeginnerTriathlete.com in a long time. I kind of fell out of the training mode. Life seemed to just always get in the way. Well, that didn't fare too well for me. I have never really been way overweight but I had slipped up to 215 in early May and well, on May 4th, I started to feel a little pressure [...]

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    Thank You! This site is all good!! Now all I have to do is just get pass the s[...]
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    I just completed my first 70.3
    I just completed my first 70.3 in Lake Stevens, Washington on Sunday, 7/21. It [...]
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    BT is an invaluable resource
    I've done a lot of running in the past three years but only started triathlons l[...]
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    BT is an essential resource. 
    Awesome site!  Full of helpful info. I did a super sprint last summer. Got total[...]