Mind Your Training Series
1/31/2018 | Intention and purpose in training makes all the difference


5/14/2018 | Things to keep in mind if bike commuting is part of your training plan

5/14/2018 | The basics, the niceties and the luxuries (updated 2018) for the run leg of a triathlon

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5/3/2018 | Why You Really Shouldn't Use the Brakes To Stop the Trainer and More
Sports Supplements: Buyer Beware?
4/28/2018 | Very few supplements are appropriate and advantageous for serious athletes
Pro Chris Hammer's Advice on Reaching Goals
4/1/2018 | Incremental focus, competence building and careful self-talk are good paths to success
Healing Plantar Fasciitis
4/1/2018 | Arch and Midfoot Pain can be cause persistent pain; Learn how to heal
Swimming Technique Tips for Triathlon Swims
4/1/2018 | Being a good pool swimmer doesn't necessarily mean you'll be fine on race day. Make sure you've trained for race conditions.

Gear Reviews

Roka Halsey
Who says performance sunglasses have to look hokey? Roka's Halsey sunglasses look great and perform even better. They are incredibly light, do not move at all during activity, and [...]
Garmin Fenix 5
I used to only use my Garmin for workouts. The latest generation of the Fenix has everything I need for triathlon and for backpacking, with the added bonus of being a smartwatch. I[...]

Race Reports

Challenge Lisbon
Great race and location. This was my first time visiting Lisbon and Portugal. The people were very friendly and welcoming. The race was well run and a great way to visit this bea[...]
Kansas City Triathlon - Olympic Course
Overall a good race, well organized etc. I heard some folks mention they would have liked more water stations, I think there were two. It worked out for me but i did take one gato[...]
IRONMAN Chattanooga 70.3
Chattanooga is a top rate event.
  • First Triathlon: Toppling

    Congratulations to BT User MikeyNC81, who shared his story of his first triathlon:Well, after many years of wanting to do a triathlon, I finally did one at Patagonia Lake, AZ. I participated in the sprint distance race. I had only been swimming for about 6 weeks but felt confident I could complete the 500m. T[...]

  • My First Multi-Sport Event

    Most people these days can say they’ve run at an organized 5k, 10k, or even half marathon event. Running is something that’s accessible to nearly everyone and you can just get out and run without much training. Having a go at a multi-sport event, however, is an entirely different ball game, which requires c[...]

  • Making a Comeback

    I haven't been on BeginnerTriathlete.com in a long time. I kind of fell out of the training mode. Life seemed to just always get in the way. Well, that didn't fare too well for me. I have never really been way overweight but I had slipped up to 215 in early May and well, on May 4th, I started to feel a little pressure [...]

  • Beginner Tale: First Tri

    I hadn't gotten good sleep the entire week because I was diagnosed with Shingles 5 days before the race and the pain in my right leg made sleeping difficult. I rested as much as I could that week, mainly because I felt so exhausted and I only got a short bike workout in that week. I woke up at 4:30am and ate a ban[...]

  • I tried triathlon and can't get enough

    Three years ago, I stood on the shores of my first triathlon. I was intimidated, unsure of what to expect and cold as a chilly rain storm hit central Ohio that morning.I had never swam in open water. I had never even watched a triathlon. I had been running for a year and at 5-foot-11 could only run 12-minute miles. I d[...]

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    Thank You! This site is all good!! Now all I have to do is just get pass the s[...]
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    Your plan worked like a treat!
    I followed your 20 week IM training plan pretty much to the letter and completed[...]
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    I love the Beginner Triathlete site. Thanks for developing and maintaining a gr[...]
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    The training program was great!
    The training program was great, I just finished my first race yesterday. I thor[...]