Best Virtual Training for Triathletes
3/31/2020 | Coronavirus has us indoors. You can still train with others on-screen.


3/31/2020 | Coping strategies, and timing and strategy for altered triathlon race timing

3/31/2020 |

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Sports Nutrition: Fads, Facts and Fallacies
3/31/2020 | Triathletes and The Athlete's Kitchen
Eating Clean: Unintended Consequences
2/29/2020 | The Athlete’s Kitchen Copyright Feb. 2020: Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD
6 Stretches for Your Hips—with Example Images
2/29/2020 | Here are some examples of things you can do to improve your hip flexibility and reduce training pains.
Five Tips for Preventing Neck Pain in Cyclists
2/29/2020 | Don’t fall victim to cycling-induced neck pain — pedal your way to health and happiness by following our five tips for avoiding neck pain while cycling
Five Reasons Why Runners Want to Eat Carbohydrates
1/31/2020 | Carbs are the foundation of a sports diet.

Gear Reviews

Sundried Rouleur Women's Training Bib Shorts
This is a great option for women for cycling bib shorts. They are stylish and well-made. If you are used to a very thin pad, this will be an adjustment for you. It's a thicker, mol[...]
IvaMichele The Aspire Triathlon Shorts
These are cute, functional, and very long. Technically they are well built and the materials are good. More colors would be nice, but I do like the butterfly logo. These shorts wer[...]

Race Reports

Motatapu Ultra Run
Spectacular mountain course. Race continues to be very well organised - from pre race communication / gear checks, right through to post race activities. Will be back again next yea[...]
Music City Trail Ultra 25K
This is my second time to do this race. It's no frills, but very well done. It's close, tough, and FUN
Storybook 5K
Good race with a fun theme. I was bummed the course seemed to measure a little short this year.
  • How I Became A Triathlete

    Published from the archives of member-submitted articles that were never previously published.When I saw my first triathlon competition on television in the winter of 2008, I was lounging on the couch in my oversized sweats, eating pepperoni pizza.  Out of shape, clearly not a nutritional role model, and with no a[...]

  • First Tri - Mary Miller

       It was 2009 and I was going to turn 50 soon. I wanted to feel like I at least accomplished something in my life before I hit the big 5-0. So, hey, why not do a triathlon?! I was overweight by about 100 pounds. I trained by myself and followed one of Beginner Triathlete’s training plans, wh[...]

  • First Triathlon - James Keefe

      It has been a bucket list item for me for years. Every time I started a new workout routine (or tried to), it has been geared towards completing a sprint tri. Three years ago, I even registered for a local race, but chickened out the night before. Thanks to a recent career move, around the start of the Ne[...]

  • First Tri: A bit too cocky

    One night in mid February, I mentioned to my son that he ought to do the Xterra Xticer race at Oak Mountain State Park in May of this year. This should be easy – 200m swim, 11k mountain bike, and 2k run. He said he would do it if I would, so we registered and the challenge was on. I printed out the bike course fr[...]

  • I finished. And it took something.

    I slowly approached the finish area of the Lewisburg, PA Sprint Triathlon. As I prepared to turn left at the approaching road and finish the last 100 yards in the direction of the large, red inflated finish tube, a volunteer stepped forward to tell me to continue straight ahead to the next street before turning left. "[...]

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    BT is an essential resource. 
    Awesome site!  Full of helpful info. I did a super sprint last summer. Got total[...]
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    Thank You! This site is all good!! Now all I have to do is just get pass the s[...]
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    Best site I've found on the web.
    I just thought I'd drop a line.  Having only taken up the sport 18 months ago I [...]
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    BT is THE site for triathletes
    BT is THE site for triathletes - new and seasoned! I've been tracking my workou[...]