Beginner Triathlete Bronze Memberships


BRONZE member benefits

MAIN features
  • Planned training log, calendar and graphs
  • Actual vs planned Performance Analyzer
  • Send your FREE plans into your training log
  • More graphs
  • Greater discounts at retailers

Those wanting more out of the training log. Also great for the self-coached athlete or for those wanting access to greater discounts.


6 months


12 months

"If you shop online, this will pay for your membership in no-time."

  • Nytro - 15$ Off
    15% off plus free shipping over $100
  • Trisports - 15% Off
    15% off plus free shipping over $95
  • Infinite Nutrition - 20% Off
    20% off for US members only
  • Valdora Cycles - 15% Off
    15% off all bikes
  • DeSoto Sports - 25% Off
    25% off triathlon gear
  • Endurance Films - 15% off
    15% off all DVD's and media
  • Access your training plan wherever you are!
  • iPhone, Android and our full mobile web version
  • Choose to receive your workouts by email
  • Sync your favorite calendar (Ical, Outlook) with your training plan
  • "As long as you are connected, you can access your plan anywhere"
  • Every month we submit your questions to the experts
  • Bike Questions -
  • Training Questions - D3 Multisport coaches
  • Swim Questions - TriSwimCoach
  • Injury Questions - The American Medical society for Sports Medicine (
  • "Don't let your specific question go un-asked. Our experts are here to help"
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