Bosu Ball Squats - One Toe on Bosu

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Squats with one toe on bosu stability ball exercise with picture and video.

Squats – one toe on Bosu (foot to side)
With your left foot on the top of the Bosu, place your right foot to the side of the Bosu. Feet should be wider than should width apart. Lift your left foot so that your toe is resting on the Bosu. Most of your body weight should by on the right leg. Following a straight path from your head to your bottom, inhale as you slowly lower the body by bending the knees. Keep your toe pointed on the Bosu. Without pausing, exhale as you straighten the legs while following the same path to your starting position. Try to extend your bottom behind you and do not lean forward during this exercise. Keep the core contracted and eyes looking forward. Repeat with your other side.


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date: September 14, 2007