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Reasons for triathlon training.

When you finish this article you may say to yourself that this sounds like my last article. Well if that is what you end up thinking then you have missed the point. The point of this article is not inform but to motivate. 100% pure light a fire under your @ss motivation. You see, last month I had all but quit training until I got a call from home that struck a cord.  My Aunt, whom I love dearly, was having to have emergency quadruple bipass surgery. I thought that was horrible and it affected me some. Then the very next day I found out that my Uncle was having to have emergency triple bipass surgery. This scared me. You see for those who don't know heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in America and it is extremely hereditary.

With this coming from both sides of the family I run a great risk of having the same problems. You see, though I have the time to change my fate, I don't have to become a statistic. After this I decided to start working out again, not train for a tri but just work out. Then the second act of God fell into my lap last night.  The group, Team in Training, whom I had trained with before I quit sent me a letter. It said that there was going to be another training session for a triathlon at the end of August.  So I have decided to put all my excuses on the shelf and get out there and do it.  Now is better time than any to get out and train. Don't let yourself become the bad example of how to live BUT set the standard on how not to be a statistic. So get out there and train, the life you save just might be your own

 Hope you liked it. I plan on writing another one soon. I also plan on posting my workout schedule and mark my progress.  Take it easy!



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date: September 4, 2004


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writing, training, hanging out with friends, living life

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