Triathlons Like NASCAR??

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How triathlons are very similiar to NASCAR.

      For those of us who like the roar or a high powered engine as well as the energy of a triathlon I bet you never thought that the two had so much in common? I never thought that they would either until I competed in my first tri this summer. A tri and a NASCAR race start out the same. A meeting. This meeting is to inform you what you can and cannot do during the race.  Then you take your mark and the flag is dropped.  Just like in a race and a tri everyone is jockying for position trying to find the best place to get ahead. 

During the swim the lead changes back and forth with people bumping each other and sending people in a direction that they had not desired to go.  The transition area is just like the pit area.  People coming roaring in and out slinging things left and right all trying to go as fast as they can.  Then they all merge to the small opening at the end of the transition area to exit at the same time. Like pit road people bump each other trying to get the slightest lead possible. Then everything on the track goes back to the way it was before with everyone looking for the better position cutting people and lets not forget drafting.

Once the bike is done it is back to the transition area or pit road where the chaos happens again. Coming toward the home stretch of a tri you have to save your energy in order to finish strong it is the same in a NASCAR race. Fuel mileage plays a big part when it comes down to taking the checkered flag or even finishing the race. Whether you win or lose it is all about crossing the finish line safely so that you may race another day.


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date: September 4, 2004


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writing, training, hanging out with friends, living life

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