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Triathlon Training Advice and Tips


   Hello to all you newbies and not so newbies. I have some sure fire advice this month about a few do's and don'ts when starting to training.  First off start slowly. If you think that you can pack your afternoon with working out you are wrong, that is unless you are superman. I learned this the hard way.  Since I am in school I have little time to train throughout the day so what I did was try and squeeze it all into an afternoon. That did not work very well. I was always tired by the end of the first workout and was able to perform well in the others. I found a good remedy to this is spreading things out. 

   I used the method of getting up earlier. I would do part of my workout in the morning before class and then finish whatever I had left later on in the day after class.  This method works well with work schedules too. Another good thing to do is to stretch before and after you work out. This prevents the chance of muscle pulls and also allows you to feel better the day after.   The biggest thing to remember, whether you are starting from scratch or are returning from the off season is to pace yourself. Rome was not built in a day, just as you will not be ready for a triathlon in one day.  Set a schedule that fits the time you have available.  Training is, or at least for me it is, about minutes not miles. Start yourself off with a certain amount of minutes per exercise and increase as you see fit. Try not to over do it though, this may cause you to burn out. Once again this website offers very good suggestions to training starting points as well as recommended increase increments. The more endurance that you accumulate, the more miles that you will be able to complete. Good luck and train smart and safely.

That is all... like always, the power is now in your hands!



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date: September 4, 2004


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