Not Your Ordinary Workout

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Triathlons - Not an Ordinary Workout

   For what ever reason you have decided to do a triathlon.  My reasons are to get in great shape and it also gives me something's to compete in.  Whatever your reason is you have made the first step and you have started looking for the best way to train.  I have not competed in a tri yet but, when I first decided to do a triathlon the net was the first place that I looked.  I has been great!  I found this site and it has helped tremendously.  The thing is I was looking for an experienced triathlete to tell me exactly what to do every minute of my training.  I quickly realized that no one can tell you exactly what to do because everyone is different.  You are different in body type, athletic background, etc. than I am.  The best thing to do is find a workout that suits you.  Get training tips and different exercises to do and fine tune them to fit your specific ability. 

    The main reasons to do a work out that is tailored to your ability is to decrease the chance of burn out and injury.  Basically do what you feel and handle but don't over do it.  It may seem at first that you are going nowhere fast but trust me just getting out there and pushing yourself is allowing you to get stronger.  Another thing with training for a high caliber race such as a tri is when you workout.  I know that there is a limited amount of time per day that you can training, but it is better to train when it will be most beneficial to you.  Like with me for instance, I am not a morning person so therefore I don't do many morning workouts.  Reasons for this is that if I schedule myself for a morning workout I may not be able to give it my all and in the long run I would be cheating myself.  Also if I schedule a morning workout and I don't have the motivation to get out of bed and I miss my workout it is a high probability that I will not do that exercise that day.  Like I said earlier, do what works for you, there will be sacrifices that will have to be made but you will benefit from them in the long run.  Good Luck Training!



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date: September 4, 2004


writing, training, hanging out with friends, living life


writing, training, hanging out with friends, living life

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