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Here is a great recipe to make a healthy pizza fit for a triathlete using thin crust, hummus, fresh vegetables, tomato sauce, lean meat and mozzarella cheese.

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By Marni Rakes, MS, ISSN 
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1 can Pillsbury Thin Pizza Crust
1 tbsp olive oil
1/3 cup mozzarella cheese (shredded)
Marinara Sauce
Roasted pepper hummus
Vegetables – Onions, Green peppers, mushrooms, garlic (you may use whatever veggies you like. The more colors the better!)
Lean meat and/or frozen vegetarian meat crumbles

1. Cut veggies into small pieces. Mince 1 clove garlic (finely chop).
2. Turn on stove and heat a non-stick pan to medium heat.
3. When pan is hot, pour 1 tbsp olive oil in pan and place veggies in pan.
4. Preheat oven to 400-degrees.
5. As veggies are cooking, open pizza crust and lay out on counter. Press down and stretch (you may use a roller but be sure to flour the roller to prevent sticking) to give yourself more pizza dough and a thinner crust.
*If cooking for more than 2 people, use the entire pizza dough.
*If cooking for 2 people (or yourself) cut off ¼ dough and set aside.

6. Lightly spray baking dish or cookie pan with olive oil spray. Lay the dough in cooking dish and press until dough touches all sides and corners of pan.


7. Cook veggies until slightly brown or to your liking. Turn off heat when finished and remove pan from hot burner.


8. Spoon 2-3 spoonfuls of hummus on dough. Follow with marinara sauce until the dough is completely covered with sauce.
9. Sprinkle cheese evenly over pizza.
10. Place vegetables on pizza dough. If using meat, spread meat over vegetables. If using vegetarian meat, sprinkle crumbles over vegetables.
11. Place cooking dish in oven for 10-20 min.
12. As pizza is cooking, use any leftover dough for breadsticks. Cut dough into 1-2 inch slices and spread on a non-stick baking pan (sprayed with olive oil spray). Cook 5-10 min until golden brown.
13. Serve 2-3 slices pizza with a colorful salad and breadsticks.
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