Triathlete's VIDEO Cookbook: Wraps

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Marni will show you how to make your own delicious and nutritious wrap that is light on calories but high in protein and nutrients.

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By Marni Rakes, MS, ISSN 
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(you will need 1 wrap less than 120 calories)

1. Chop mushrooms, onions, broccoli and tomatoes (at least ½ cup of each vegetable).
2. Chop 3-4 slices lean meat or chop 1 veggie burger (heated) into pieces.
3. Spoon ¼ cup salsa on wrap.
4. Place 1 handful spinach on salsa.
5. Add mushrooms, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, chickpeas and meat (veggie burger or lean meat) to the wrap.
6. Top with cheese.
7. Fold corners of wrap and roll one edge into the other.

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date: February 4, 2009