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Looking to shave some time off and improve your swim efficiency during your races? We review the Rocket Skin Suit by Rocket Science Sports.

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This is a review of Rocket Science Sports Speed Skin Suit. Kevin Crossman (t3coach1) of www.T3Coaching.NET takes us on a closer look of the suit being worn by Patrick O'Keeffe (pokeeffe) & Paul Fronhofer (pfron), top age-groupers from New York. Patrick is a 70.3 World Qualifier, and Paul is a Kona Qualifier. Great looks are filmed underwater as well as above water.

Patrick, Paul and Kevin share some very important thoughts to consider when purchasing a Speed Suit.

The Product

Rocket Speed Suit



The Maker

Rocket Science Sports

The Price

~ $399.00

The Rating


The Skinny

Compared to not wearing a wetsuit at all, this speed suit is a solid performer.





Ease to put on


The suit goes on in under 2 minutes - at least no longer than it takes to put a wetsuit on.  



This suit is not restrictive at all and has full range of motion.  For those wearing wristwatches, a little water seepage does occurs.



With our testing, this suit did not seem to provide extra buoyancy (this is not it's goal) though you may feel that is does provide some buoyancy effect.

Performance  For this test, this user was able to shave off 1-2 seconds/100 yards with a decreased stroke rate and decreased exertion.

Ease to take off


This suit has a 'quick release' zipper to unlock the zipper to easily pull off.  Overall, this suit is very quick to take off.

Cosmo Factor*


Nice solid black suit with a small logo.



A great suit that, under these test conditions, allowed improvement in efficiency.


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