TECHNICAL VIDEO: Watts Up? Training with Power - Part 4

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Learn how a power meter can serve a role as a race-reconnaissance tool and to help in pacing so you don't go out too hard. Race power analysis included.

By Jason Gootman and Will Kirousis

Tri-Hard Endurance Coaching


Filmed on location at Fit Werx 2 in Peabody, MA


In the fourth and final part of this power discussion, Will Kirousis will discuss the many different ways that a power meter can be used on race day.  Included are discussions on doing a race course recon on your powermeter to know what to expect so you can target your workouts to. 

Also included are talks on race pacing and also example athlete power files with a discussion of what went right and wrong for the following races:

  • Sprints
  • Olympic
  • Half Ironman
  • Full Ironman
  • Road Racing
  • Circuit/Crit Racing
  • Time-Trial
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date: April 19, 2009