VIDEO: Training With A Power Meter, Part 2 of 3 - Power Meter Workouts

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In part two, you will learn several power meter workouts from race intensity, to aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

By Jason Gootman and Will Kirousis

Tri-Hard Endurance Coaching

Filmed on location at Fit Werx 2 in Peabody, MA

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From the perspective of the types of workouts you can execute with the help of your powermeter to create peak performances, there are basically 4 styles of workout to keep in mind:
  • Race intensity workouts
  • Aerobic workouts:
    • Moderate intensity workouts
  • Anaerobic workouts:
    • Maximum high intensity workouts
    • Moderate high intensity workouts   
By incorporating workouts that are less race specific the further away from your races, to more race specific closer to your races, you allow yourself to progress and perform your best. For example, a triathlete can incorporate a variety of Anaerobic workouts as they build fitness through the off season, while gradually shifting to increasing volume of Aerobic training and Race Intensity training as they get closer to their races.

Cyclists can include a mix of Aerobic and Anaerobic workouts through the off season, while gradually increasing the amount of work at race intensity that they are performing as the season, and peak races draws near. The key issue, is that a well rounded approach, including race intensity, aerobic and anaerobic workouts is important.
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