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Create goals to help you train and lose weight. Our logger will automatically update your goals.

The BT Goals application is unique in that it was designed to create behaviorally stated goals. This is because a training or fitness goal isn’t about reaching an end state as much as it is about changing one’s behavior.

A behaviorally stated goal is comprised of three parts: a behavior, a condition and a criteria. It’s the criteria that we use to measure real changes in behavior. It’s one thing to get down to a certain weight, but it’s another thing entirely to stay under that weight for a period of time. Anyone can run a few times times in one week, but successful runners do so consistently, week in and week out.

Our Goals application allows you to track how your behavior and habits change for the better and to help you come up with realistic goals for yourself.

Your goals

To get to your goals, go to: Training Log --> My Goals

Creating a goal

1 - Select the goal type and click on 'Create a New Goal'

2 - Fill in the details of the goal:

3 - Click 'Save' and whenever you log, your goals will automatically track.

Viewing your goals

Everytime you return to Training Log --> My Goals, you will see your goal's progress:


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