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XLAB releases the Stealth Pocket and the Rocket Pocket series of aero bags.

SAN DIEGO, California – November 20, 2012 – XLAB announces its complete line of aerodynamic storage bags. XLAB now has a total of five different aero bags allowing you to go faster. The designer and founder of XLAB, Craig Turner, based the aero bag designs off of recent CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) testing that showed for best aerodynamics a bag must be of equal height to the stem height. In fact it is better to have a bag mounted behind the stem versus not having one at all.

XLAB’s aero bag product line includes numerous design features. All bags are made out of a low skin friction woven material and a non-slip bottom, gripping the top tube. Zippers found on all of the bags are easy to use with a super-slide zipper. The pull tag is wrapped in rubber so that it doesn’t rattle and is easy to grab, allowing constant focus on the competition and race. All bags are insulated keeping contents cool and feature a silver interior, making it easy to see contents while on the go.

The STEALTH POCKET series of aero bags have a tapered low profile. Heights range from 1.9 inches to 2.5 inches (4.8 cm – 6.4 cm) and have a capacity of 20 cubic inches (327 These bags are ideal for your gels and energy bar nutritional needs. Two of the bags in the series, the STEALTH POCKET 200 and STEALTH POCKET 300 are completely strapless, mounting on the top tube bolt bosses. The STEALTH POCKET 100 is the strap version with extra long straps for various head tube and top tube sizes.

The ROCKET POCKET series includes XLAB’s higher storage capacity aero bags. There are two models in this series, the ROCKET POCKET and ROCKET POCKET XL. The ROCKET POCKET has a capacity of 22 cubic inches (360.5, perfect for an energy bar and a few gels and has a height of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm). The ROCKET POCKET XL is larger with a capacity of 36 cubic inches (590 and a height of 3.6 inches (9 cm). You can fit two energy bars and four energy gels. Pete Jacobs, 2012 Ironman World Champion uses this bag for all of his races.

More information on the STEALTH POCKET and ROCKET POCKET series of aero bags please visit XLAB’s website.

XLAB has been an innovator and important part of the triathlon industry for 20 years, helping athletes win 24 World Championships. Our engineers passionately design, analyze and test the hydration and storage systems allowing for extremely light and yet extraordinarily reliable products that are unmatched in design, technology and style. For more information about XLAB, visit


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