XLAB Launches the DELTA 300

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XLAB Launches the Latest Rear Single Bottle System, the DELTA 300

SAN DIEGO, California – Feb 7, 2013 – Following the much praised DELTA 100, 200 and 225 rear single bottle systems, XLAB launches the latest model in the series, the DELTA 300. This new system was originally designed for riders whose saddles are mounted in the forward position of Cervelo P2C, P3C and P4C seat posts. XLAB went a step further by adding 3 different mounting position options on the carrier so even riders mounting in the rear hole can use the system, for a sleek and sturdy mounting single rear hydration carrier. The DELTA 300 comes standard with XLAB’s highest gripping cage, the GORILLA XT. This cage has twice the grip of XLAB’s GORILLA cage and four times the grip of most cages, for an anti-launch design, at 14 pounds of grip force.

The DETLA 300 carrier is manufactured with the latest aerospace aluminum providing a sturdy, non-sway mount. The U shape cutout featured on the carrier allows it to be used underneath the popular ISM Adamo saddle with the transition hook. As with all of XLAB’s rear single bottle systems, the DELTA 300 comes with Loctite and lock nut hardware, ensuring security of the mount on rough roads.

The DELTA rear hydration system product line was developed to help improve aerodynamics on triathlon and road bikes. Wind tunnel tests have proven that standard frame-mounted bottle cages have high aerodynamic drag. The DELTA systems tuck neatly behind the saddle for no measurable drag. Riders can use the DELTA models as a replacement or refill option. Simply bring the bottle forward and replace in the TORPEDO Aerobar Cage Mount or use to refill a vertical bottle.

CO2 storage is not a problem for the DELTA 300. The optional X-STRIKE Inflation Kit tucks neatly between the mount and cage for a clean aerodynamic look. The X-STRIKE can hold up to four CO2 cartridges, providing fast access for inflation and saves room in a rider’s bag for other vital items. The X-STRIKE Inflation Kit retails for $14.95 and includes two 16 gram CO2 cartridges.

The DELTA 300 retails for $99.95 and is available now in most Triathlon stores.

More information on the DELTA 300 can be found at: http://www.xlab-usa.com/delta-300.html.

More information on the X-STRIKE Inflation Kit can be found at:


XLAB has been an innovator and important part of the triathlon industry for 20 years, helping athletes win 24 World Championships. Our engineers passionately design, analyze and test the hydration and storage systems allowing for extremely light and yet extraordinarily reliable products that are unmatched in design, technology and style. For more information about XLAB, visit www.XLAB-USA.com.


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