Do You Have What it Takes to be a Triathlete?

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Character attributes and temperament of successful triathletes.

There is a growing popularity of Triathlons in the US and all over the world. These exciting competitions are very popular and for good reason. We all want to witness a demonstration of the ‘best and brightest’ men and women because it inspires each of us to work harder and reach higher to achieve our own personal goals, whatever they may be.

Triathlons are promoted as events that anyone of any age can compete in. I beg to differ about the term ‘anyone’. Yes, anyone can train for and compete in a Triathlon, but it takes an extraordinary person of strong character to become a Triathlete.

So, what is a Triathlete? What kind of person are they? Why do they relish the sport? If you know anyone who is a Triathlete, I think you already realize they have some very unique qualities. If you are considering doing a Triathlon, it is very likely that you have similar personality traits.

Studies have been done that reveal the Triathlete is no ordinary person. Here is a list of some of the common personal qualities of those who compete in Triathlons.


A Triathlete is a highly disciplined athlete. They are the kind of person who does not settle for the ordinary. They expect a great deal from themselves and are willing to do what is necessary to learn anything.


A Triathlete is someone who stands out in a crowd. They are most likely genuine and strive to be good at whatever they do. They have personal qualities that naturally attract other people to them. They are good at leading, teaching and inspiring others.

Like to be challenged

A Triathlete must have challenges in front of them. Unless they are faced with something difficult, they are restless and bored. They possess the ability to meet and overcome any challenges.


A Triathlete is fearless. When most people would be intimidated by a situation, they are excited by it. They like to be daring and different. If they have a fear, they meet it head on and are able to go past their fears to accomplish the extraordinary.

Driven to achieve

A Triathlete is an achiever. It’s who they are to the core. They are driven to reach higher and go farther with every step they take. Mediocrity is their enemy, and the word impossible is not in their vocabulary.


A Triathlete is good at honestly evaluating their own abilities. They like to keep track of what they do and measure their success. For them, evaluating their own abilities is part of the logical process of deciding how they will improve.

Goal oriented

A Triathlete must have goals to reach for. They are strong individuals who enjoy working toward goals and doing what it takes to achieve them.


A Triathlete has enthusiasm, which gives them the energy to pursue a new course or activity, or even a new career path. They have the positive energy it takes to try something new.

Hard working

A Triathlete is a hard worker. They do not believe in putting in a small effort toward something. They instinctively know that everything they do will require hard work and they are not afraid to do the work to reach their goals. They like to be prepared.


A Triathlete is not the kind of person to give up easily. They have the inner strength to keep going, when other people might give up. This ability to be relentless drives them forward. They are unstoppable.


A Triathlete is determined to succeed. They do not like to settle for second best. Whatever they do is something they are willing to fight hard for. They have a plan and are driven to do anything they have decided they can do.


A Triathlete can handle pressure. They are able to focus on something and stay focused, no matter what obstacles they must face. Nothing causes them to lose their focus. They know what they want to achieve.


A Triathlete is someone who probably cares deeply for those who are close to them. They also care deeply about whatever purpose they have chosen or a goal they have set. They are passionate about doing their best and giving it their all.

A Triathlete can be described as an extraordinary person. They are an individual who is often admired by others. They can be an inspiration to others by the things they do well. They possess a quality that is rare. They have the heart of a champion, which is no ordinary thing.

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Karen Bresnahan is a professional writer, photographer and artist from Boise, Idaho. She is a former competitive swimmer, and enjoys running, cycling and working out. Her son has competed in Triathlons. She is published as a feature writer and photographer for the Valley News in Meridian, ID, and the Owyhee Avalanche in Homedale, ID.

Karen is a small business owner and is currently working on developing a web portfolio of her creative work, which includes Romantic Idaho Weddings, KBLifelines positive quotes, and Idaho Naturals Desertscapes artworks. Her goal is to motivate, educate and inspire others through her writing and photography. You can connect with her through email at

[email protected] or on twitter @idaho1111


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