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Five Easy To Apply Mind Hacks to Get You Back in the Game

It happens to all of us.  You’re logging the miles and busting through reps of on leg press like nobody’s business when all of sudden you miss a day or two and then find yourself having a hard time getting back on track.  Whether it’s a health issue or injury that’s kept you away from your normal workout routine or you’re just tired of doing the same exercises day in and day out, a workout slump is nothing your mind can’t overcome with a little attitude adjustment.  Check out the easy to apply hacks below for some inspiration to get your mind back in the game.

1. Go Shopping

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to start working out again is buy splurging on a few workout clothes that make you feel and look good.  Sometimes frumpy clothes can roll over into your mindset and so for a workout boost, throw on some bright, well fitting technical gear that will help lift your mood as you exercise.  Try a new piece of cold weather gear that makes you excited to face the weather.  Tackle the gym with confidence and look good doing it.

2. Make It Fun

Are you over the repetitive treadmill miles and at home workout videos?  Spice up your workout routine by trying a new group indoor cycling class at the gym or joining a local running group.  Training for a triathlon is already a good solution if you are bored with same old sport routine.  Adding more than type of workout to your regimen is not only fantastic cross training, but can open doors to new friendships and inspirations.  

A little shy about embarking on a new adventure?  Invite a friend to share your workouts so you have someone to encourage and laugh with.  Take your workout outside and pick new routes to walk, hike or run.  Working out is a lot easier to stick to if it’s fun!

3. Want It More Than You Don’t Want It

Sometimes, whether you’ve reached a plateau or have missed a few workouts and are having a hard time getting back on track, you have to stop and reevaluate why you’re working on in the first place.  What are you working toward?  Weight loss?  Strength? Getting faster?  

Make a list of the top five reasons you exercise and then own those reasons.  Remember what first inspired you to beginning working out in the first place.  Place a picture of you at your fittest on your mirror or keep a fitness magazine on your nightstand so that you always have a visible reminder of why being fit is important to you.

4.  Realize That Sometimes Less Is More

It’s easy to get caught up in the “all or nothing” mentality, but when it comes to working out, a little bit of exercise is always better than nothing.  If you hit snooze too many times and your planned hour long workout has suddenly been reduced to half of that hour, use those thirty minutes to push harder than you may have if you had been exercising for a full hour.  Whether you’re doing weights or cardio, spending a half hour getting stronger is better than skipping the workout all together.

5.  Discover What You’re Good At And What You Like The Most

So you’ve tried and tried indoor cycling, but you just can’t stand it.  So don’t.  There is more than one way to get stronger and most likely you’re pretty darn good at one of the sports out there.  Try a spin class or take it up a notch and try a bike outdoors.  Maybe the incredible all over workout cycling provides will be a perfect fit.  Not feeling the two wheeler?  Throw on a suit and swim laps to see if the inner swimmer in you is ready to be unleashed.  Sometimes enjoying exercise means putting away expectations of what a workout should look like on paper and just having fun being active.

Just like all other activities in our lives, exercising can wax and wane so it’s important to be equipped with a positive mentality that will help you get back into the game when you fall out of it.  Working out should be challenging, but most importantly, it should be rewarding.  Tweak your mindset and hop back on the wagon to fun, fitness, and health in no time.

Sarah Williams is a full time blogger and a huge fitness enthusiast. Her passion is sharing his positive attitude and encouraging people to reach their highest potential to become the best versions of themselves. She loves to advise people on achieving better bodies and well-nourished minds on Wingman Magazine.


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Sarah Williams is a Berlin based blogger who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She’s a total fitness freak, who believes that true happiness comes from taking care of your body and having great relationships.


Sarah Williams is a Berlin based blogger who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She’s a total fitness freak, who believes that true happiness comes from taking care of your body and having great relationships.

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