When being fit gets lonely

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5 Tips for being the only one not drinking, eating cookies and staying up late

Especially at holiday time, being an endurance athlete or triathletes can feel lonely.

Often our co-workers, friends and family are drinking a lot of alcohol, eating a lot of Christmas cookies, staying out late, and putting off the gym until January 1.

Here are five tips so you can keep fighting the good fight and stay on track:

  1. Bring your own treats to parties. Just as if you had a food allergy, it's OK to bring your own food to special occasions. Even your mom's traditional holiday dinner. Better yet, offer to contribute a dish, and make it a healthy one you can eat. You can partake in a large portion of what you brought, and you'll probably be able to find some vegetables or greens to go alongside, and a glass of water.

  2. Plan to have something in your hand. Often treats are tempting from a psychological point of view because you are at a social function, walking around, and it's easy to kill time or mask anxiety by spreading cheese on a cracker or holding a cocktail in one hand. Of course, those two things are fine in moderation and no one says triathletes can't have any fun. But if you are sticking to certain goals and want to eat clean, plan ahead to have something to "do," such as holding a mug of coffee or tea. If you are self-conscious about not drinking, such as at a company Christmas party when everyone else is imbibing, apple-based drinks are a good choice because they look like an adult beverage. You can heat some apple juice in the microwave for a delicious apple tea, or carry a rocks glass with ice, apple juice, and a lime garnish. Cranberry juice and seltzer water has a similar effect.

  3. Hang out on BeginnerTriathlete more. You may have a little more free time with holiday time off from work. Check in on the forums and offer an encouraging word to other triathletes. Being around other people who share your goals and values can bolster your confidence. Also check out the forum for your state and see if you can make a new friend in real life, and maybe even a training buddy.

  4. Host your own party. If you are in charge, you can serve or order in only items that agree with your nutrition plan. And you can shut it down at 10 p.m. and send everyone home!

  5. Eat before you go. With a belly full of healthy protein, good fat and necessary nutrients, it's easier to spend 10 minutes catching up with a colleague in front of the dessert table without snatching a piece of fudge every three minutes.


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date: December 24, 2016

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