The BT Winter Weight Challenge

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I challenge all BT readers who want to shed the pounds to stay committed to their training during the colder months. Share this commitment with others.

In an ever-increasing effort to offer readers specific information to improve performance we are introducing a new Q&A forum. This new feature will give our readers a chance to ask our panel of experts specific questions about certain topics. In the future we will this Q&A forum with sports medicine doctors, nutritionists, triathlon/ultratriathlon champions and personal trainers.
Pam, is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer. This month she started the “Winter Weight-Loss Challenge,” asking all readers to stay committed to exercising over the holidays. Today she takes your questions on how to tailor your workout to keep off those winter pounds.  After reading the article, you can post your questions on weight loss and Pam will follow-up to answer them.

By Pam Beaton
A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas.  The entire holiday season. Don't forget that cold weather too. 
For those of us who spend many hours outdoors training and many hours indoors crafting the perfect triathlete meal, WINTER can be a four-letter word. Colorful bags of delicious candy seem abundant. Plentiful turkey and trimmings — enough to feed a small country abound. Snowflakes and ice threaten the safety of the morning jog. It’s all enough to derail any progress you’ve made during the tri season.
It is with that in mind that I challenge all BT readers who want to shed the pounds to stay committed to their training during the colder months. Share this commitment with others. And stay focused on forward movement in your weight loss wishes. 
The stakes are high.
By 2005, experts say, obesity will be the number one preventable cause of death and in another 15 years, obesity will take up 20% of health care costs ( ). The incidence of obesity is surging and showing no sign of stopping. All one has to do is look at our future: our children. 
As a personal trainer, part of my role to my clients is to provide motivation and, many times, a reason to show up at the gym. For those who tend to be more social, finding a workout partner is a great way to make workouts fly-by and learn new things. Again, I challenge BT readers to take your knowledge and share it with others.

  • Find a workout partner.
  • Invite a child, young adult or adolescent (or all three) to train with you once a week - whether it be a run, a race in the pool, or a bike ride. By taking the time to prepare for a triathlon, you have already learned a great deal about diet and exercise and will be able to lead by example.
  • Instead of grabbing a soda and fries after the workout grab some water and an apple. By taking the time to show our youth and others the benefits of diet and exercise you will hopefully give them a reason to avoid the game controller and instead to grab for the swim fins. In return, you will be able to see exercise from a child’s perspective, and perhaps glean a new appreciation of it.

You have taken the initiative towards a healthy lifestyle, now show our future how great it can be!

Readers, you can post your questions to Pam at 'Questions'  at the end of the article OR click on the number in ( 1 Comments) at the beginning of the article.  Check back in the next few weeks for responses or subscribe to the thread.   


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