Best-of-the-Best 2005 Triathlon Products, People and Venues

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BT'ers vote on all of their favorite products, sites and people. See results for the sports of swim, bike, run and triathlon.

With the Academy Awards coming up, we here at Beginner Triathlete thought we’d follow suit with our own first-ever inaugural awards ceremony for our year-ending 2005 poll of your favorite products, venues and athletes.

Granted, our award ceremony doesn’t have Joan Rivers on the red carpet and annoying celebrities with larger-than-life acceptance speeches. But these awards do offer something the Academy Awards can’t – they may help you improve you health.

These products are judged the best in their categories, as voted on by you – the members of Beginner Triathlete. We trust your votes more than the Academy’s any day!


All results are broken up into swim, bike, run and triathlon specific items.  We especially thank everyone who voted. 

You can view the breakdown of these results HERE







Best Swim Fins

Triathlon with Best Swimming Venue

Best Swimming Book

1. Zoomers
2. (Tie) Hydro Training Finz, TYR

1. Timberman, Lake Winnipesaukee
2. (Tie) Ironman Florida, Alcatraz, Mad Beach Triathlon
3. (Tie) Lifetime Fitness Triathlon, Cape Henlopen Triathlon, Catalina Island

1. Total Immersion
2. Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes
3. (Tie) Swimming Fastest, Swimming for Total Fitness



Best Goggles

1. Aqua Sphere

2. Speedo Vanquishers

3. TYR - Aqua Shift Rockets




Best Cycling Trainer/Rollers

Best DVD/Video for Trainers

Best Cycling Attire (Women)

1. Cyclops Fluid2 Trainer
2. Compu Trainer
3. Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

1. Spinervals
2. American Flyers
3. (Tie) Big Six, Ironman 2004, James Bond Movies,

1. (Tie) Terry, Pearl Izumi
2. (Tie) Shebeast, Nike


Best Cycling Attire (Men)

Best Cycling Shoe

Triathlon with Best Bike Segment

1. Pearl Izumi
2. Louis Garneau
3. (Tie) Castelli, Decente

1. Sidi
2. Shimano TR02
3. (Tie) Carnac TRS9 Triathlon Shoe, LG Tri Air, Specialized Tri Vent

1. Boulder Peak, Boulder, CO, USA
2. Silverman, Henderson, Nevada, USA
3. (Tie) River Cities Triathlon, St. Anthony’s – St. Pete Florida USA


Best Cycling Tires

Best Cycling Air Pump

Best Cycling Aerobars

1. (Tie) Michelin Ironman, Michelin Pro Race 2
2. Vredstein Clinchers
3. (Tie) Continental GP Supersonics, Continential Attack/Force Combo

1. Topeak Joe Blow Pro
2. Blackburn TP-1 Floor Pump
3. (Tie) Topeak Mini, Specialized, Topeak Road
Morph, Avenir Floor Pump

1. Profile Design Carbon Strykes
2. (Tie) Profile Design T2+, Syntace C2 Clip-on
3. Profile Design Air Stryke


Best Beginner Bike

Best Performing Bike

Best Cycling Gloves

1. Trek 1500
2. (Tie) Trek 1200, Canondale R700,
3. Cevelo Dual 9

1. Cervelo P3 Carbon
2. Quintana Roo Lucero
3. (Tie) Kestrel Talon SL, Cervelo Soloist

1. Pearl Izumi Gel-Lite
2. Specialized
3. (Tie) De Soto, Louis Garneau, Castelli, Trek


Best Cycling Helmet

Best Cycling Seat/Saddle

Best Cycling Pedal

1. Gyro Pneumo
2. Giro Atmos
3. (Tie) Bell Sweep, Limar

1. (Tie) Terry Women’s Butterfly, Fizik Tri
2. (Tie) Profile Design Tri Stryke Saddle, Selle Italia Flite, Terry Fly Tri
3. Selle Italia SLR

1. Speedplays
2. Look Keo
3. Shimano Dura Ace


Best (Fastest) Bike Color

Best Cycling Magazine

Best Overall Bike Manufacturer

1. Red
2. Black
3. Blue

1. Bicycling
2. VeloNews
3. Dirt Rag

1. Cervelo
2. Trek
3. (Tie) Cannondale, Felt


Best Cycling Book

Best Bike for your Money

Best Clip-on Aerobar

1. It’s Not About the Bike, Lance Armstrong, Sally Jenkins
2. (Tie) The Cyclist’s Training Bible, Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance
3. (Tie) The Ultimate Ride, Bike for Life – Ride to 100, Heft on Wheels

1. Cervelo Dual 10 Tri Bike
2. (Tie) Anything used, Felt
3. (Tie) Felt S25 Tri Bike, Quintana Roo Kilo, Cervelo

1. Vision Tech
2. Profile Design T2+
3. Syntace Stratos, Quintana Roo Kilo, Cervelo Soloist




Best Running Shoes

Best Running Magazine

Best Place to Buy Running Shoes

1. Asics Kayano
2. (Tie) New Balance, Brooks Adrnalines
3. (Tie) Saucony, Asics 2100


1. Runner’s World
2. Running Times
3. (Tie) Marathon and Beyond, Revista O2 (Brazil)

1. Local Running Store
2. Road Runner Sports .com
3. Fleet Feet


Best Running Socks

Best Running Book

Best Heart Rate Monitor

1. (Tie) WrightSock® CoolMesh Colortip Quarter, Thorlo® Lite Mini-Crew, Wigwam CoolMax
2. (Tie) Balega Enduro, Swartwool
3. (Tie) Ironman, Sugoi, Niké Dri Fit Shok

1. (Tie) Daniels’ Running Formula, Chi Running
2. (Tie) Galloway’s Book on Running (2nd Edition), The Runner’s Repair Manual, Running with the Buffaloes, Advanced Marathoning, The Competitive Runner’s Handbook, Marathoning for Mortals, Non Runners Guide to Marathoning

1. Polar S625x
2. Garmin Forerunner 301
3. Timex Ironman 30 lap




Best Triathlon Nutritional Drink

Best Triathlon Shop (Brick and Mortar)

Best Triathlon Clubs

1. Gatorade Endurance

2. (Tie) Accelerade, Endurox R4

3. Cytomax

1. All3Sports - Atlanta, GA

2., Tucson, AZ

3. (Tie) Gear West - Minneapolis, MN,

Swim Bike Run - New York, NY

1. Triathlon Club of San Diego, San Diego, California

2. LA Tri, Los Angeles, California

3. Mad Dogs, St. Petersburg, Florida


Best Nutritional Gu/Gel

Best Triathlon Retailer (Online)

Best Triathlon Attire (Women)

1. Gu

2. Hammer Gel

3. Power Gel


2. All3Sports


1. TYR

2. Zoot

3. (Tie) DeSoto, Sugoi


Best Triathlon Attire (Men)

Best Professional Triathlete (Man)

Best Professional Triathlete (Woman)

1. Desoto

2. Pearl Izumi

3. (Tie) Zoot, Sugoi

1. Faris Al-Sultan

2. Peter Reid

3. Tim Deboom

1. Natascha Badmann

2. Jessi Stensland

3. Michelle Jones


Best Triathlon Book

Best Triathlon Magazine

Best Overall Triathlon Venue

1. Triathlete's Training Bible - Friel

2. Going Long - Friel & Byrn

3. Training Plans for Multisport Athletes - Berhnhardt

1. Triathlete

2. Inside Triathlon

1. St. Anthonies Triathlon, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

2. (Tie) Columbia Triathlon, Ellicott City, MD, USA & 5430 series, Boulder, CO, USA

3. Timberman, NH, USA



Best City to Triathlon

1. San Diego, California, USA

2. Boulder, Colorado, USA

3. Austin, Texas, USA


About the Author: Chris Tull is a writer based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Once upon a time, he was a ‘burgers-and-beer-only’ kind of guy. Chris has since lightened up on the diet and added yoga, weight lifting, and (of course) triathlon training to the mix. You can contact him at [email protected] or visit him online at


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Chris Tull is a writer based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Once upon a time, he was a ‘burgers-and-beer-only’ kind of guy. Chris has since lightened up on the diet and added yoga, weight lifting, and (of course) triathlon training to the mix.


Chris Tull is a writer based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Once upon a time, he was a ‘burgers-and-beer-only’ kind of guy. Chris has since lightened up on the diet and added yoga, weight lifting, and (of course) triathlon training to the mix.

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