Seated Biceps Curl - Dumbbell

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Seated Biceps Curl - Dumbbell strength exercise instruction with picture and video.

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Seated Biceps Curl, Dumbbell
Main Muscle: Bicep
Other Muscles: None
Mechanics: Isolation

Sit on a bench (with back support) and place feet on floor. Keep abs tight, back straight and look forward. Start with arms to the side, holding onto the dumbbell, and palms facing foward. As you exhale, curl the weight to the chest, either simultaneously or alternating. When the forearm reaches the bicep, hold the weight for a brief second and inhale as you slowly bring the dumbbell down to the starting position, following the same path. Do not hold your breath and do not slouch. Let the bicep do the work. Do not swing the weight. Keep elbow in same position and keep arms close to your side. Keep your back straight.


*A variation is to start with your palms facing in toward your body.  Start bringing the weight up while turning your wrist as the weight passes your thigh so that the thumb faces away from the body and the palms face up.

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