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New To Triathlons

Started by bcwhite13
Views: 8 Posts: 1
New To Triathlons
2018-06-18 11:27 PM bcwhite13

New to tri - coming from ultra trail running

Started by Brigitte52
Views: 22 Posts: 2

New to BT. Not new to tri

Started by RowToTri
Views: 306 Posts: 3

New To Swimming

Started by RunWithForrest
Views: 117 Posts: 7
RE: New To Swimming
2018-06-12 4:07 PM jhaack39

New, old member

Started by FinishStrong
Views: 23 Posts: 1
New, old member
2018-06-12 10:40 AM FinishStrong

Fat to Fit........hopefully!

Started by SwimGreg
Views: 146 Posts: 6

3rd Time was Not the Charm

Started by Saul Goodman
Views: 118 Posts: 7


Started by benzamaielts2018
Views: 29 Posts: 1

Three year rookie

Started by runesq
Views: 101 Posts: 7
RE: Three year rookie
2018-05-31 8:28 AM runesq

bipolar to tripolar

Started by jONBRIDGE
Views: 2825 Posts: 22

Just did my first tri.

Started by tigerstripe40
Views: 66 Posts: 2

Back At It

Started by paddle2paddle
Views: 43 Posts: 1
Back At It
2018-05-21 11:41 AM paddle2paddle

Sprint Triathlon Noob

Started by MemphisMaven
Views: 126 Posts: 2

Newbie, soon to retire from teaching!

Started by nadinz
Views: 114 Posts: 2

Tri newbie mama of 3 here

Started by Gforcemama18
Views: 81 Posts: 2

So...What can I say??

Started by Courage
Views: 131 Posts: 6

london newbie

Started by lauzhall
Views: 129 Posts: 4
RE: london newbie
2018-05-01 12:16 PM jhaack39


Started by tazrocky
Views: 294 Posts: 11
RE: Hello!!
2018-05-01 12:12 PM jhaack39

Hello Everyone

Started by mohdazher66
Views: 97 Posts: 2
RE: Hello Everyone
2018-04-26 7:20 PM lutzman

Tri Noob

Started by afdave
Views: 127 Posts: 3
RE: Tri Noob
2018-04-19 5:00 PM jhaack39


Started by emattei
Views: 157 Posts: 6

Hello from a 39 year old beginner!

Started by qsjcraig
Views: 377 Posts: 7

Knee injury

Started by Coffeebeans
Views: 121 Posts: 4
RE: Knee injury
2018-04-12 9:57 AM jhaack39

Not new but been gone a long time...

Started by tiggere
Views: 187 Posts: 2

First triathlon.. looking for affordable swim lessons in Houston area

Started by Martina1984
Views: 234 Posts: 2
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