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New Policy Re: Race Advertisement

Started by Silver_wlf
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Winter Cycling

Started by CDTIronman
Views: 327 Posts: 1
Winter Cycling
2022-11-17 7:27 AM CDTIronman

Swim Gear Stores Ontario

Started by mbasta
Views: 374 Posts: 1
Swim Gear Stores Ontario
2022-09-28 4:10 PM mbasta

Used like new HigherPeak MAG10 for sale

Started by GoodGuy22
Views: 201 Posts: 1

Sale On Running/Cycling Gear: Conestoga Mall, Waterloo

Started by TheCrownsOwn
Views: 806 Posts: 2

Endless Pool for Sale - Southern Ontario

Started by FishHog
Views: 529 Posts: 1

Buy Quality Real And Fake Passports, Driver's License,ID Cards License

Started by Mikelcambel20
Views: 578 Posts: 2

Swim Workshop: Sunday October 28th 9:00am - 11:00am (Embrace Swimming Aquatic Centre In Brampton)

Started by TheCrownsOwn
Views: 717 Posts: 1

Thousand Islands Tri/Du Aug 19

Started by FMcCreary
Views: 546 Posts: 1

For sale Scott Plasma 3 (56)

Started by olivier.mouyau
Views: 563 Posts: 1

Kitchener Area Open Water Swimming

Started by shodai
Views: 855 Posts: 2

What Other Events Are Going On In Ontario?

Started by TheCrownsOwn
Views: 502 Posts: 1

Training Partner Search

Started by osteobunny
Views: 508 Posts: 1

Something a Bit Different Till Tri Season Comes Along: A "Tetrathlon" In Early January 2018...

Started by TheCrownsOwn
Views: 644 Posts: 1

Spin Class vs Mounted Indoor Bike Training

Started by P_Cheetham
Views: 531 Posts: 1

Niagara Falls Barrelman Almost Sold Out

Started by John Salt
Views: 514 Posts: 1

Smiths Falls Triathlon

Started by slow triathlete
Views: 1003 Posts: 3

For Sale: 2XU R:3 Mens Wetsuit XL

Started by Mkozlowski
Views: 653 Posts: 1

Woodstock triathlon?

Started by Daffodil
Views: 823 Posts: 3

Long Distance Swim Races In Lake Erie This Summer August 19th

Started by TheCrownsOwn
Views: 678 Posts: 1

Muskoka 70.3

Started by jspelay
Views: 1396 Posts: 9
RE: Muskoka 70.3
2017-02-13 1:50 PM juniperjen


Started by poulet23
Views: 805 Posts: 7
RE: Recomendation
2016-11-25 1:42 PM juniperjen

Swimming coaches in Ontario

Started by b2run
Views: 975 Posts: 3

Olympic Fever? Swim Training in Barbados with OLYMPIANS!

Started by The Freestyle Experi
Views: 935 Posts: 1
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