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2008-01-28 3:03 PM

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Subject: ACL Reconstruction and ITBS

I've come seeking some advice. I have hurt myself pretty badly in recent months. Whilst at my Army officer selection board i tore the cartilage in my right knee and snapped my ACL, with that problem i've given myself an imbalance and caused ITBS in my left hip/knee.

First question is does anyone know the usual recovery outline for post ACL reconstruction?

also i need help to relieve improve the symptoms for itbs?

sorry if this has been posted before

2008-01-29 12:36 PM
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Subject: RE: ACL Reconstruction and ITBS
I don't know if I can be of any help. I know nothing of itbs. However I did have an AC replacement 20 years ago. While much has probably changed since then, some things have not. My experience is that there are a few things that affect recovery time: your age, physical health, the complexity of the reconstruction, the technique of the surgeon and the post operative rehabilitation plan. But the single most important factor is your mental focus and commitment. I watched a 45 year old man winning in post-op PT about his AC reconstruction, while at the same time I met an enthusiastic 75 year old woman that was thrilled to be getting her second artificial hip. How long rehab takes will be in great measure how you can accomplish the post-op goals your surgeon and PT set out for you. Good Luck.

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