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2008-04-02 5:45 AM

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Victoria, Australia
Subject: Hi, I'm back!
Well i posted here about 9 months ago saying i was just starting out with my triathlon goal. I since then was going really strong (swimming 4km, riding 20km and running 5km) daily, training was going really well. I then fell in a hole, I got a new job and went from having alot of free time to train to working 40+ hours a week and having no energy to train. I tried hard to train but found the results i was or wasn't seeing got me down, I started to gain weight 10kg to be precise and just didn't have the mindset or the endurance to keep pushing my self anymore so i took some time off.

I'm now back at it again just started up, I'm riding again and now back to swimming and running. I have goten my eating right and i'm starting to see the results i seen when i first started out!

I'll be keeping everything more up to date this time and hoping to do my first tri in a few months time

2008-04-02 5:52 AM
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Subject: RE: Hi, I'm back!
good for you in taking a positive approach and not letting other parts of life get in your way. Welcome back to the forum! Someone is always here to offer encouragement and assistance along your journey.
2008-04-02 8:50 AM
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Brandon, MS
Subject: RE: Hi, I'm back!

We all have our peaks and valleys.  While most people see how physically demanding this sport is, they fail to realize how mentally challenging it can be as well.  You're coming back strong with a good attitude.  Keep those logs, pick a plan, get in on some challenges, and you'll be well on your way

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