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Noosa Triathlon - TriathlonOlympic

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Noosa, Queensland
USM Events
26C / 79F
Total Time = 3h 06m 38s
Overall Rank = 2015/2556
Age Group = 25-29 Female
Age Group Rank = 81/117
Pre-race routine:

THURSDAY - Arrive in Noosa and check in at the gorgeous Noosa blue resort which was a 2min walk from transition. get told we've been upgraded to the PENTHOUSE!!! NIIIIICE!!!!
FRIDAY - Gathered with our club for a ride of the bike course and the Infamous Noosa hill (which turned out to be a bit of a mole hill - The descent was INFAMOUS though!!!) went back to the penthouse, had breakfast, viewed the festival village. Bought a shirt, bought some socks and I think I defiled the beautiful SUB ROSA!!! Then went and bought some seafood, back to the penthouse for a barbie, Met up with Shannon for a run at 4pm then registered at the rego tent and picked up my race pack. Had the "OMFG I AM ACTUALLY FREAKING DOING THIS" moment...
Watched fireworks from Penthouse!!! GREAT view!!!
SATURDAY - 6:00am - SWIM in noosa canal. Never seen that many people in a canal without any race officials before...
10:00am TRANSITION OPENS! I race down with my bike to rack it. Ran into Satah who was strutting her stuff in a funky triathlon Australia Red RACE REFFEREE jacket! She pointed me in good steed and picked a great spot in transition for me!
NIGHT - PASTA and tomato sauce for dinner - check and recheck race bags. get really edgy. Fall asleep.

SUNDAY - RACE DAY it was 4am - woke up in our BEAUTIFUL penthouse and got organised. had PB and banana on toast, slathered myself in sunscreen and applied temporary tats. Got dressed and realised it's 5:15!!! TRANSITION IS OPEN!
Race down the hill to transition with all my gear. Pump up my tyres, set myself up...
Head to the Vision tent and drop my gear off. FREAK OUT... James (Silver_streak) comes up and says hi!
Watched the PROS!!! Courtney Atkinson... Emma Snowsill!!!!
Realised it's 7:00 and it's time to go...
Event warmup:

Freaking out...
  • 34m 42s
  • 1500 meters
  • 02m 19s / 100 meters

For whatever reason - my freaking report didn't load. So here it is AGAIN

Laze around in the water. Particularly BUOYANT today as I was able to lay on my stomach and keep my head out of water without panic at the start. I did wear my earplugs as I didn't want to be irritated on the bike by the sound of water running around in my ears.
Hooter goes off and the whole wave starts moving off like in slow motion. I suprisingly was able to keep a cool head and got into a three stroke by three for a look rythum without getting into much biffo.
Just before the first buoy though I ran into Greer. LOL We were supposed to be working together not against each other! And here we were elbowing each other in the ribs! ha ha ha
Past the first buoy no dramas. Next sight marker was the bridge. passed a girl from the wave in front - Already??
Continued on around the witta circle. Drafted well off peoples feet. REALLY got confused by the murky water, I thought I was hitting the banks of the channel. That was probably the only real panic that set in.
Kept preventing myself from looking at my watch! :P
There's a portion of the course where you can't really see the markers and all you're doing is following the blue cap in front of you... ha ha ha. But when I saw that buoy man was I a happy girl!
2nd last buoy, then I could see the blue of the eyeline chute leading into transition - ALMOST HOME!!! YAY!!!
Gunned the last 200m
What would you do differently?:

Pick up the pace a bit. I was still recovering from a monster flu so I wasn't prepared to knock myself out in the swim.
Transition 1
  • 00m

Ran up the shoot as fast as and overtook someone on the way. Saw a japanese Pro taking off onto the run so that meant that Emma Snowsill was on the run already. COOL!

Found ROW 13 and lined myself up with the tree - charged for my bike (easy to see when she's PINK) did a once over and she was okay. Helmet on as I stuffed an IXL bar into my mouth and gulped down some water. Sunnies on, lift the bike and RUN!!!

Ran past the congestion at the mount line to where two old men (volunteers) were standing...
"304 eh?? Good luck 304!" I said thanks as I mounted my bike. AND I WAS AWAY (No flying leap because this white girl still can't jump!)
What would you do differently?:

Learn to jump... But at least I didn't run in my cleats
  • 1h 28m 5s
  • 40 kms
  • 27.25 km/hr

So I'm riding out and I'm being screamed at by the vision tent gone wild! LOL
I didn't see Tim though...
Start putting the shoes on. and BAM! lights flash and it's my honey snapping a photo of me. Ha ha ha! Found him in the middle of a traffic island! NICE~
Ride on a bit further and Cheered on Campbell who was racing in the opens and was already on the run.
So I'm pacing nicely, feeling good, the crowd just starts going nuts. HUH, that's nice of them. Look to my left and realised they're cheering for the one and only COURTNEY ATKINSON who was leeding the men's race back in. I gave a cheer too. After all he'd be the first over the line today.
Around the roundabouts and up along the noosa river. I opened a gu and splurted it all over myself... YUCK! That stuff doesn't come off nicely. At least there was no chance of me dropping a water bottle that day. They were too sticky
Before I knew it - I WAS AT THE HILL! Not that I was worried. A little stumble at the start where I hit some gravel and pot holes but didn't fall off. The guys at Turn 11 were funny. Calling me Pinky and ringing their cowbells. TOUR DE FRANCE!!!
At the top of the hill, a girl 20m in front of me blew a tyre. Even the police monitoring traffic at the intersection jumped. The bang was loud! I asked her if she had a spare, and she'd BLOWN her tyre!
Up around towards the hot dog turn, went all out, Turned around and I found myself behind a pack 3 people wide with Clydesdales coming up fast behind me!!!
What could I do?? I tacked onto the back of the clydesdales and got past the pack, THANK GOODNESS> The clydes called the pack CHEATERS. And quite frankly they were because they were blocking the road for the rest of us.
71.0kph. Nuf said.
I was singing the america F*** yeah song from the bottom all the way back into the transition.
I was FOCUSED for the last 10km, I was ON TARGET for an under my estimated bike time. I can't even remember seeing the tent!

What would you do differently?:

Practice the dismount before the race more. :)
Transition 2
  • 00m

PURPOSELY didn't undo my shoes. It was too dangerous. So I ran in my cleats.
Dismounted and shouted at Simon Reeve (HI SIMON) who'd just finished a live cross to Sunrise. Ha ha ha
Ran back into the transition area, found rack 13 and aligned myself with the tree to find my gear. Bike in, helmet off, (NEW!) shoes on, grab gu, belt and cap and we're AWAY! Stuff the Gu into my bra (my suit had no poket) put the belt and hat on before I hit the bridge.

it was a quick transition - mired by the fact that along the bridge there was a kind of traffice jam! ARGH! I wasn't pushy but I was held up a bit.

What would you do differently?:

Fart on the bridge. That'd clear everyone out quickly. Otherwise maybe start making reflux noises.

I'm joking! But sitting here now, I think it's a brilliant idea!

I should just be more pushy next time!
  • 1h 03m 50s
  • 10 kms
  • 06m 23s  min/km

I head out onto the course and Tim and his mate Darren are cheering for me near the finish line which I passed... (Speaking of Tim, since I gave him my split time for the bike, he wandered up to the penthouse and had brekky and made it back in time to see me ride in!)
Run past the vision group - LOOKING COOL by waving madly to get their attention!
The run itself wasn't too bad. Some would even say plesent. I did drink too much though. I balanced with a Gu after 8km!

The problem was i just felt THIRSTY - it wasn't until 5km that we got given little drink bottles that we could run and sip at the same time... then I just overindulged on the water at the stations after that.

People were overtaking me, others were walking and I passed them. My shins were great but my knee was incredibly twingy (2 weeks on it's still not so good)

I LOVE THE PEOPLE OF NOOSA! Turning on their hoses/sprinklers for us! SOOOO nice!

Coming back in, Cath warned us about the uphill at 9km... So I paced myself, then I saw the happy Vision Face flag and picked up the pace... I sprinted past the tent and kept sprinting all the way to the finish...


What would you do differently?:

balance the water with some endura maybe??
Post race
Warm down:

Didn't linger on the carpet. Had a few things on my mind. The HEAT in my joints, the BLISTER on my foot, the need for endura and FOOD.

The showers didn't do much for me, so I pushed past to the area where they take off the timechips. I couldn't bend over so I let a volunteer do it.

Grabbed some endura and watermelon and on Safety Dave's advice, I took my shoes off and sat in the Noosa canal... AHHHHHH....

After fighting my way outta transition, I found Tim and burst into tears. I'D DONE THIS FREAKING THING!

Watched Greer and Nat come in for their finishes. - PHOTOS
Stretching of the legs and a MASSAGE when I got home.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

My COLD and my knee. But other than that I did good!

Event comments:

This was my GOAL race ever since I watched the coverage as a little girl. The skinny kid with the bunged leg who couldn't play sport, couldn't run... I said back then "I'd LIKE to do that race one day" Last year I said "I'm gonna do Noosa next year!" TODAY I can say I crossed off something on the bucket list! AND I LOVED IT! I wonder how many more times I can cross it off before that bucket's kicked. :) WILL DEFINITLY be back next year!

Last updated: 2007-12-27 12:00 AM
00:34:42 | 1500 meters | 02m 19s / 100meters
Age Group: 93/117
Overall: 1980/2556
Performance: Good
Suit: N/A
Start type: Deep Water Plus: Waves
Water temp: 25C / 76F Current: Low
200M Perf. Average Remainder: Average
Breathing: Good Drafting: Good
Waves: Navigation: Good
Rounding: Good
Time: 00:00
Performance: Good
Cap removal: Good Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? Run with bike: Yes
Jump on bike: No
Getting up to speed: Good
01:28:05 | 40 kms | 27.25 km/hr
Age Group: 61/117
Overall: 1924/2556
Performance: Good
Wind: Little
Road: Smooth Dry Cadence: 95
Turns: Good Cornering: Good
Gear changes: Good Hills: Average
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Just right
Time: 00:00
Overall: Good
Riding w/ feet on shoes Bad
Jumping off bike Bad
Running with bike Good
Racking bike Good
Shoe and helmet removal Good
01:03:50 | 10 kms | 06m 23s  min/km
Age Group: 82/117
Overall: 2002/2556
Performance: Good
Keeping cool Good Drinking Too much
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 5
Physical exertion [1-5] 5
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 5

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Subject: Noosa Triathlon

2008-11-12 9:00 PM
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Subject: RE: Noosa Triathlon
PHOTOS to come!  i can't believe i finally finished this race report.  Writing it was almost an epic in itself!  ha ha ha
2008-11-13 6:22 AM
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Subject: RE: Noosa Triathlon
WOW that was an awesome race report and brings back some good memories for me too.
You should be proud to of finished such a tough race especially since you were still recovering from the flu. WELL DONE !
cant wait til mooloolaba
2008-11-15 8:57 PM
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Go you!! Great report and nearly made me tear up hearing about it being a dream of yours since you were a kid - that is so awesome. Not everyone gets to achieve "that" dream - the one they have had since childhood but you have!!  Well done is sounds like you really had a great race and that it met all of your expectations.
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